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The Muslim Wives Who Are Loved by Their Men

by | Nov 14, 2012

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Marriage, Muslim wife In Islam, is a very blessed and sacred contract between a man and a woman. Each one of them has their own role in making their married life successful. Wife meaning in Islam is broad and different.

Though it is a bit difficult but not impossible to make even a selected partner in a marriage a success. Like other aspects of our lives, Islam also guides us that we can become a good husband or a good wife after marriage.  A woman can make preparations for the life hereafter by obeying her husband.

Signs Of A Good Muslim Wife

A Muslim Girl who is still not married or a married Muslim wife should have these signs to be a good and lovable Muslim wife for his Husband.  If these Signs also exist in them then it means that they are a good wife and if not then one should try to bring these signs in them.  So here are Signs of a Good Muslim Wife

1. Respect

Islam gives great importance to respecting the husband. The Sign of a Good Muslim wife is that she respects her husband.

2. Muslim Wife Obeying Husband

Another Sign of a Good Muslim Wife is that she accepts the Orders of her husband except for those orders which are against the Guidelines of Islam. For example, if the husband stops praying it should not be obeyed because it is against the Guidelines of Islam.

3. Praying

Another Sign of a Good Muslim Wife is that she does Dua for her husband. And you should always ask Allah for forgiveness and blessings on your marriage.

4. Muslim Wife Never Lie

Relations are never built the basis on lies so a perfect wife should never lie on any issue with her husband.

5. Muslim Wife Appreciate him

A Good Muslim Wife appreciates her husband in front of him and others.

6. Care

Wife meaning a caretaker. A Good Muslim wife always takes care of her husband his dignity and his respect.

7. Stay Clean

Dress pleasantly. Try To Stay Clean, Wear Good clothes, and use Fragrance in front of your husband. Behave like a female, i.e. all the tenderness of a female.

8. Forgiveness

Even if the mistake is of the husband a good wife should try to forgive him.

9. Stay with him during a hard time

Wife meaning a partner and a friend. In the harsh hours of life, a husband will need his wife to listen to him, comfort him, and give him strength. Try to back him and stand behind him in the hours of need and sadness.

10. Race to the door when he comes home as if you were waiting for him

When a husband comes home after working all day, if he is welcomed in this manner he will definitely be very happy with you. You should give a Smile to him. We have listed here the many and varied duties and acts of commission as well as a commission by the wife. This does not imply that the husband has no reciprocal duties and obligations. On the contrary, his function within the marriage bond is equally important. However, one should bear in mind that marriage means understanding and behaving tenderly towards one’s partner. It is a partnership of giving and takes.

We pray for all of our Muslim Sisters and brothers that may they have successful and happy married lives. Feel free to share more insight or your own tips with us in the comments below.

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