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Online Quran Classes for Kids

Every parent wants the best for their children in this world and the Hereafter. The best thing parents can offer their children in this life and the next is to teach them the Book of Allah SWT. AlQuranClasses is Best for Online Quran Classes for kids.

Are you worried about your child’s religious education? And still unable to find a suitable solution. No more worries, AlQuranClasses emphasizes learning Quran for Kids and provides a unique variety of online Quran classes for kids.

The responsibilities of current life make it difficult for many Muslims to dedicate as much time as they would like to studying the Quran. That’s why we offer many different ways to learn the Quran for Kids online that can be adapted to the available time, your area of interest, and the type of teacher you prefer. 

We offer a wide range of Online Quran classes that can fit into even the most engaged schedules, providing a refuge of devotion to the Quran.

online quran classes for kids | quran for kids
online quran classes for kids | quran for kids

Why is it essential to teach Quran to your Kids? 

Learning Quran for Kids is a noble act which every Muslim should perform daily. Parents must teach their children during their early childhood years. You can Also teach your children in Online Quran Classes for Kids. 

The memorization of one who memorized in his younger years will stay remain for a long time. Memorizing the Qur’an and learning its proper recitation during childhood is a blessed and prosperous method that the Pious Predecessors of this ummah commonly practice.

Benefits of Online Quran Classes for Kids

  • It introduces the love of Allah and Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
  • Protect kids from any evil that may occur to them.
  • Improve the capability and the Kid's memory.
  • Acquire the experience by reading
  • It helps kids earn infinite rewards.
  • Instils morals and values in Kid.

Etiquettes of Learning Quran for Kids

  • Start Recitation with Tauz and Tasmia
  • Avoid talking while reciting
  • Use your right hand when holding the Quran.
  • Quran should be learned with a concentration of heart and mind.
  • Should learn from a teacher who has proficient knowledge of the Quran.
  • Should be in the state of ablution, and The place should be free of impurities.

Why Should You Join Us?

  • One-on-One Sessions
  • One-on-One online sessions help your kid gain confidence.
  • alquranClasses-tutuorTeach Tajweed
  • We teach kids Tajweed so that they can recite Quran with the correct pronunciation.
  • Free TrialFriendly Environment
  • In a friendly environment, kids will show more interest in reading & reciting the Quran.
  • customise-subscriptionCourse Completion Certificate
  • At the end of the courses, students will get a certificate.
  • Flexible Class Schedule
  • You can Schedule your class day and time as per your availability.
  • alquranClasses-tutuorFemale Quran Tutors
  • Female Quran Tutors are available for the female students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old should children be when they learn the Quran?

There is no fixed age to start learning Online Quran for Kids because it may differ from one child to another. 

Why should children learn the Quran?

We should do our best to raise our children well and pay great attention to teaching Online Quran Classes for kids to guide them on the straight path. 

How do I introduce my kids to Quran?
  1. Choose a Qaida for your child.
  2. Start with the Basics
  3. Go to Teaching Tajweed for Kids
  4.  Time for Quran Memorization Techniques 
  5. Use Quranic Arabic Stories for Kids. 
  6. Enroll in a Proper Online Quran Course for Kids. 
  7.  Search for a Private Quran Tutor.