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How May We Help You?


What makes AlQuranClasses Unique?

AlQuranClasses provides learning Quran online from Highly Qualified Teachers from all over the World. Our lessons are held in innovative and robust software, which makes e-learning more fun and easy. Our qualified teachers are highly expert in teaching Arabic and Tajweed. We provide recordings of the lessons to students for revision purposes. We have female teachers for sisters, and our classes are held in complete segregation.

How do I know what level of Arabic and Tajweed is best for me?

Please take a look at all the online Quran courses we offer. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what you want to do. A course advisor will arrange a free trial lesson with a suitable teacher at a convenient time for you. During the class, the teacher will be assessing your level. Based on the teacher’s assessment, the teacher will advise which course is suitable for you.

What do I need to get started?

You’ll do your learning online, so all you need is internet access and a headset. Our lessons are held in innovative and powerful software, making e-learning more fun and easy for you. The Classroom features a whiteboard and video conferencing technology packed with extra necessary features. Course material, notes, books, and slides are uploaded on a shared whiteboard. Students can download homework from campus and submit it back to the teacher.

What is the alternative if I miss a class?

We know that you have other responsibilities, such as work, family, office, school. In these circumstances, we will re-arrange a makeup class for you. But if you cannot attend class, you need to notify a few hours before the class.

Do you offer a course certificate?

Unfortunately No, AlQuranClasses do not offer any certificate. The nature of our class program can vary and also be based on student requirements. Students do have the option to customize the course plan as per need.


What is the Monthly Plan for AlQuranClasses?

Once a week, we charge (USD) 35$, 2 days a week 65$, 3 days a week 79$, 4 days a week 95$ and 5 days a week 119$ a month.

What is the fee method?

It is an automatic payment, and PayPal is the only option to pay if someone doesn’t have a PayPal account, they can make the payment through a debit or credit card directly without creating an account. 

Are there any charges for makeup classes?

Customer requests for a makeup class will cost $5, and 1st two makeup classes will be free. We do not offer more than three classes in a given subscription month.

How to submit a Refund Request?
For the refund, the customer needs to email support at [email protected], and support will open the ticket against the customer’s request and issue a refund according to the policy listed on the website.
Are there any charges for rescheduling the Class?

The student needs a month off. Should make a request one business week early to process our accounting. A 25$ administration fee will be charged as a rescheduling cost per course enrolment, but we do not guarantee the same teacher or schedule.

Trial Solutions

How to request a free trial class?

They can register for the trial directly through the website. 

How many trial classes AlQuranClasses offer?

AlQuranClasses offers one trial. If our customer isn’t satisfied, we offer more than one trial, but if it is satisfied, they can be registered for the regular classes with the same trial teacher.

What is the duration of trial classes?

The duration of the trial class is 30 minutes.  

Tutors General

How may I register myself for AlQuranClasses?

For registering yourself, send your Cv to [email protected], and our HR will contact you or register through form submission. 

How will I contact the student?

No personal contact between student and teacher is allowed. You can contact students just through our platform.

Can we contact our students outside the classroom when needed?

No, you are not allowed to contact students outside the platform.

Where can I see who has hired me for a job?

Our HR department will be updating you about the hiring status.