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Tips for upbringing muslim child in non muslim society

by | Jun 18, 2013

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Every child is born pure. It is the environment created by his parents and society that determines his future. Every Muslim parent tries and wishes to raise his or her children well and properly. But this wish becomes a challenge when one has to perform this duty in a non muslim society. A happy home, comfort, care and love, providing the necessities of life and a good education are some of the responsibilities that parents are required to fulfill. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said whoever is not kind to young people is not one of us and the best teaching that a parent can give a child is the teaching of good manners and character.

The Muslim child absorbs the Islamic values from its parents, teachers, peers, friends and the environment, including the care-givers. Nip it in the bud is the best advice. Otherwise once the Muslim child develops undesirable habits and unethical values, it becomes extremely difficult to make the child into a good Muslim/Muslimah. Especially where your child is growing up in an environment ,where it majority is of non muslims, it becomes very much difficult to filter the inputs your child is getting from environment. Not all of us are lucky enough to get an Islamic atmosphere for up brought of our children.

So here are some tips for bringing up your child in non muslim society.

Join any Islamic center:

First of all, join any Islamic center in proximity of your home. Visit it as often as possible for you. Attend lectures and Quranic sessions with your children.

Choose any islamic school:

For education of your muslim child, you must prefer Islamic schooling system. As school is a place where your child would spend most of his/her time, and would learn habits from. Especially if your kid is below 6-7th grade, you must prefer an Islamic school as compared to another one even if it is far from your residence. Reason is, children below 6-7th grade are not mature enough to resist any input from environment which is in contradiction to their up brought. They are much more receptive towards their environment as compared to adults. Children in higher grade are a bit restrictive towards any such input.

If your child is in non muslim school ?

You can not find Islamic school every where, so you might have to choose a school which is not islamic. In such a case, be very careful about your child, keep him/her asking about his/her progress in school. Keep an eye on his/her company in school. Encourage your child to friendship with other muslim child. Ask your child about his day spent in school daily, in this way you will be able to figure out any thing unwanted or disturbing your child is facing n school.

Encourage muslim compny:

Boost your child to have muslim friends. In this way, your child would be saved from many un Islamic values. It does not means you should ban friend ship with any non muslim child.

Have weekly get together with muslim families

You can have weekly or monthly get together with other muslim families there, at home of any one of family or at Islamic center. In this way you can provide your child a much more muslim gathering.

Be your self a role model:

You your self are a role model for your child. He would copy you most of the time (un noticeably) , so don’t expect that your child will wear hijab , while you go out side bare headed. Be a practicing muslim in front of your children, so that they can get some thing good from you. Your job isn’t just telling your kid all the do’s and do not’s , tell them by following all those rules your self.

Involve your child in every Islamic activity:

Almost the similar point, your job doesn’t ends at just telling your child all goods and bad, or performing all those acts your self in front of them, but also involve them. For example, if you are going to attend any Islamic lecture, instead of leaving them at a friends home, take them along you, make them offer prayer along you. If your husband is going for salah with congregation, ask your boy to go along his father. It’s a famous proverb;

Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand.

Online quran learning:

In case if there is no quran tutor available in your locality, another best option could be to have an online quran tutor. This can be a good option with your busy work routine, if you can’t pick and drop our child at an Islamic center.

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