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Routine of successful Muslim families

by | Nov 2, 2012

There can be thousands of habits that are followed by successful Muslim families. Let us introduce you today to some of the habits of effective Muslim families that they follow in their daily life.  If you also implement some or more of these habits in your daily life then surely you can also be among the best Muslim families.

Let us start from our first point


Many of us took birth in Muslim families Al Hamdulillah, but we take it For Granted and don鈥檛 try to explore our religion more. We blindly follow the traditions followed in our family.

We should discuss how to worship and ask for Dua to Allah so that the kids can know about the religion.  Good Muslim families have a habit of sitting together and discuss on Tauheed so that the young ones can know about Allah The Almighty and the characteristics of HIM.

Worship Together Being in Muslim Families:

This is a very nice tradition of effective Muslim families that they make special arrangements to worship Allah together. Try to allocate a place in your house that you can call the mosque of your home.  Make a good library of Islamic books so that you can consult those books occasionally.  The more the family members worship and follow Deen together the happier they will be In Sha Allah.

 Follow Sunnah in Muslim Families:

Effective Muslim families have a very good habit of observing the Sunnah in their daily life. Observing Sunnah by the elders will also make the kids and young ones aware of the Sunnah.

The most righteous person we can know is the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). How can we know the Prophet (SAW)??? The answer is that that we should consult from books about his (SAW) life and then try to follow the Sunnah of The Prophet (SAW). Observing Sunnah will definitely be a cause of reward from Allah and it will also bring many good habits among the Family members.

  Good manners

The families who are effective in society are very well mannered. Teach your kids to respect elders and show mercy upon young ones. As a grown-up, you yourself should also respect elders and be polite to kids as it is also a Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW). Children follow the elders a lot so your good manners will definitely affect your kids as well.

Occasionally share this Hadith in your family that The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

 “He is not of us who does not have mercy on young children, nor honor the elderly” (Al-Tirmidhi).

We should be kind and gentle to our youth and teach them with love and politeness. Respect the youth as well.   When we respect them, they will respect us in sha Allah.  Every family must do this, as this was how the Prophet (SAW) was in his manners. This will help our relationships and each one of us will feel happy in our roles whether young or old, in sha Allah.

 Good communication skills

The highly effective habit of every Muslim family is too good communication skills. You should also listen to each other, and learn to communicate with each other.

The communication gap between parents and children should be removed so that the kids can discuss freely Islamic topics with parents and elder ones instead of discussing it with people who don鈥檛 have much knowledge about Islamic topics.

Learning environment In Muslim Families:

The successful Muslim families have developed an environment of learning and they communicate with each other on different Islamic matters.

This learning environment is achieved by discussion among the family members on Islamic topics. You should take regular Quran classes or recite the Quran in your home together every day.  Listen to any good lectures on Islamic topics while driving. The more you gain knowledge the more it is beneficial for the whole family. Developing this type of habit will make each and every member of the family a good and educated Muslim.

Let us sum up the discussed topic among you that work and follow these habits and start the way toward a happy and successful life of your family. In the way adopt more good habits that will lead all of you to the right path. We all pray for your happy life and plea to you to pray for us as well.   May you have a happy life.   馃檪

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