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In Paradise [1] Hazrat Malik Bin Sanan R.A

by | May 4, 2012

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Alhamdolillah majority of the Muslims know about the “Ashra Mubashra” The Ten Companions that in their lives received the good news of entrance into Jannah. Those Ten with a declared destiny in Jannah are:
  1. Hazrat Abu Bakr R.A
  2. Hazrat Omar R.A
  3. Hazrat Uthman R.A
  4. Hazrat Ali R.A
  5. Hazrat Talha bin Ubaidullah R.A
  6. Hazrat Zubair bin-ul-Awam R.A
  7. Hazrat Abd-ul-Rahman bin Auf R.A
  8. Hazrat Sa’d bin Abi Waqas R.A
  9. Hazrat Saeed bin Zaid R.A
  10. Hazrat Abu Ubaidah bin Al-Jarrah R.A
These Ten luckiest sahaba (the companions) got the news in following words:
Abdur Rahman ibn al-Akhnas said that when he was in the mosque, a man mentioned Ali R.A. So Saeed ibn Zaid got up and said:
I bear witness to the Apostle of Allah P.B.U.H that I heard him say: Ten persons will go to Paradise: The Prophet (peace be upon him) will go to Paradise, AbuBakr will go to Paradise, Umar will go to Paradise, Uthman will go to Paradise, Ali will go to Paradise, Talha will go to Paradise: az-Zubayr ibn al-Awwam will go to paradise, Sa’d ibn Malik will go to Paradise, and AbdurRahman ibn Awf will go to Paradise. If I wish, I can mention the tenth. The People asked: Who is he: So he kept silence. The again asked: Who is he: He replied: He is Saeed ibn Zaid.
Sunan Abi Dawud
Friends, besides these Ten Companions of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, there are twenty more who in one way or the other got the basharat of entering into Jannah. How, at what incident and in what words they got the news is an exciting topic.

 We are starting the series of articles discussing those Twenty Companions lucky enough not only to live with Prophet P.B.U.H but also to receive news of Jannah from the blessed tongue of Prophet P.B.U.H.

The first of our series is Hazrat Malik Bin Sanan R.A.


Hazrat Malik Bin Sanan R.A was a companion of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W who participated in Ghazwa Uhad, proved his fear of Allah and Love of His Messenger and got eternal success through martyrdom. Here is his brief introduction.


       Tribe: Banu Khazraj  بنو الخزرج‎

       Father of famous Companion: Hazrat Abu Saeed Khudri R.A  أبو سعيد الخدري

       Wife Name: Hazrat Uneesa (Oneesa) Bint e Umro Bin Qais

Embracing Islam:

Hazrat Malik Bin Sanan R.A had already listened from the Jews of Madina about a Prophet how would be the last Messenger of Allah and will appear in Arabia.  He already knew about the features of the last Messenger since he used to sit among Jews when they talked about Prophet Muhammad S.A.W’s appearance. Once they were discussing that He, The Last Messenger of Allah, has appeared in Makkah, Hazrat Malik bin Sanan R.A even came to know about the name of the prophet, Ahmed.

Hazrat Saeed Khudri R.A says that when Prophet Muhammad S.A.W came to Madina, his father Hazrat Malik told Him S.A.W that  a Jew Zubair bin Baata told him…

“A red star has set in the sky that appears only when Allah sends a Messenger.” He also said: “Only Ahmed the Messenger is left and Madina will be the city He’ll migrate to”.

On listening this, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said:

“It would have been better that Zubair and his people accepted Islam.”

Ghazwa Badr:

Hazrat Malik bin Sanan  R.A was among those companions who did not know that Ghazwa Badr was about to happen. He remain behind with some other companions thinking Prophet S.A.W will only chase the Quresh and were unaware that a Makkan army was heading towards Madina as well.

When Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and Muslim victorious army returned, Hazrat Malik bin Sanan R.A. said to Prophet S.A.W:

“I never knew You were up to a battle. If I knew it, I would never be among those who remained behind”. 

On listening to this Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said:

“You are right.”

After the Battle of Badr, he used to wish to get a chance like Badr to show his love for Islam and obedience to Allah. Soon he got one.

Ghazwa Uhad:

It was sunnah of Prophet S.A.W to take opinion from  his sahaba about serious matters and issues confronting Islam and Muslims. On asking whether to fight battle of Uhad inside or out of Madina, Hazrat Malik bin Sanan R.A replied:

“O Prophet S.A.W: By God we are between two goods. We wish to win and Allah will make us successful and He will disgrace the people of Makkah and they will get another shock and the ones left will only be defeated by us or in other case we will martyr. By God, I am not concerned which good I get because both are desirable for me (Success or Shahadah)”.


Among all others Hazrat Malik bin Sanan R.A was  Prophet S.A.W and companions when the Quresh surrounded him and attacked. On seeing blood coming out of Prophet’s mouth, Hazrat Malik forgot everything else and took blood of Prophet S.A.W in his hands and… drank it! Prophet Muhammad S.A.W was surprised to see and asked him…. “Sanan will you drink blood??”. He said “YES, Its yours.” Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said:

“Whose blood mixes with mine, the fire of Jahanum (Hell) will never touch him.”

On getting this news of  Jannah, Hazrat Malik bin Sanan R.A got a relief from the pain of wounds and with a new passion started fighting again. He was fighting bravely when a Qureshi known as Kanani wounded him with his  sword and he embraced martyrdom with a smile on his lips.

As per Prophet Muhammad S.A.W’s instructions, the martyrs of Uhad were buried with their clothes and bleeding wounds. Malik bin Sanan R.A spent very little time with Prophet Muhammad S.A.W but left behind an intelligent and obedient son Hazrat Abu Saeed Khudri R.A who never missed a chance to sit in the company of Messenger of Allah and companions.

May Allah please his soul in Jannah. Ameen

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