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Gratitude And Ingratitude

by | Oct 6, 2013

One travels through many tides of life in his journey of life. Sometimes everything is up, sometimes things go down. Its not like one experiences same conditions throughout his life. Sometime one reaches climax of everything and sometimes every matter goes worse and it looks as if its worthless to live. Between these two extremities of life we keep on spending our lives. And the path man chooses to spend life between these two extremities is either of gratitude or ingratitude.

In choosing the way of life, there are 3 categories of people. Some fortunate people choose the way of gratitude for whole life. They thank ALLAH subhna hu wa tala in every case, irrespective of ups and downs of their lives. They are used to thank ALLAH for every little and big thing they get. Even if they are having bad conditions, they show gratitude to ALLAH.

The other type if of opportunists, they travel on both ways, depending upon circumstances ALLAH puts them into. If given ease, they show gratitude to ALLAH and as soon as they start getting a little hard ship in life, they start complaining and moaning. So they keep on changing their attitude towards ALLAH, as their condition gets changed.

And the third type is of such people, who stick on to the way of ingratitude. They never thanks ALLAH , whatever blessing they get. if they get some blessing , they always attribute it to their personal efforts. And start mourning and complaining even on a prick of thorn. Alas ! they neglect bounteousness  of ALLAH almighty , even if they are given a mountain of gold, and best of everything. Its for this third category of humans , for whom Quran says :

إِنَّ الْإِنسَانَ لِرَبِّهِ لَكَنُودٌ

Surely human is ungrateful to his Lord.

Human is one of the countless creations of ALLAH. He is honoured as “The Best Of Creations” , but still he is a creation ! he can never claim any right on ALLH subhana hu wa tala. He has been given olny duties! Human has not been descended to earth with a track record good enough to claim any right. But still, ALLAH izz wa jal granted human being jannah since he was given life. HE showered HIS countless blessings on man, and in return asked for just a little thing, “Gratitude”. Still man failed to fulfill duty towards ALLAH.

Let us take an example, what do you think , if you do a favor to someone. And that person instead of remembering your favor and being thank full to you, makes you remind such times when you failed to favor him. Or tells you that your favor was not enough for him. If you had done such and such favour to me, I would have been more pleased with you. How would you treat that person? Doing a favor is something too far , you wouldn’t even talk to that person again.

Average of us does the same with ALLAH subhana hu wa tal , most of the time. Instead of being thankful to HIM for the countless blessings HE is continuously showering on us, we keep on complaining about such things we asked HIM for and HE did not provided us for some solid reasons definetly. We donot look the other way, may be there was our own harm in getting that supplication accepted. We donot pay attention towards what other thing ALLAH bestowed us in place of our desired thing. There is a difference between desire and need. What we desire is not always what we deserve or need. Still ALLAH subhana hu wa tala is so kind, he never stops his favors for us. Isn’t it surprising , we complain and show ingratitude with a same tongue HE has given us. Still he doesn’t mute us by ceasing our tongue !
HIS blessings may vary in number depending upon our attitude and response towards HIM, but they never  get down to zero!

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