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The Best Path To Walk On

by | Jun 11, 2010

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As i walk down this path…

As I walk down 1,2,3,4
I hear things that cause the uproar
no tranquility or peace of mind
the argument, confusion, disagreements all the time
consequences of this causing me to listen
to the speech like that of those who sin
shouting, screaming, hoping it’ll all go away
bottling up inside, stuttering not being able to convey
then finally letting out my crocodile tears
talking to myself, because nobody would be there
wishing at that point to shut my ears like my eyes
not wanting to hear those awful cries
As I walk down this path. I listen to lies
as the devil teaches how to live this life
through his voice constantly projected through music
lyrics sweet to the ears but he knows its a trick
and through a box-shaped tool revealing to me
the secrets of the world..not even portrayed truly
the ones that remind of God are feared rather than revered
they’re our men falsely accused only because of their beards
Weird isn’t it? or is it just me am I the only one who choose now to wear this for simplicity? (hijab)


soon this path again 4,5,6,7
I look for a way to strive for heaven
and I see an institute named AlHuda
And I say Alhumdulillah, I found you!
teaching that beautiful Book Al Quran that took so long to find
now it’s like the purpose of my life is defined
now I open the pages of the Noble AlQuran
Alhumdulillah All praise, Lillahi for Allah, Rabbi Rabb, Al-Alameen, of the universes
Honestly, I did not plan to understand it like this!
because we do not plan.your Creator does
we were not created then left just because.

so as you walk on this path 5,6,7,8
don’t look back, just focus, look straight
and remind yourself that you had no chance
to leave that way of life if not by His command.

as I keep walking on this path 7,8,9,10
I remember this blessing of Allah upon me
taking me out from darkness es to light so I could see
that which is to be seen
so I could hear what’s to be heard
His beautiful Word
why so Merciful to a mere slave that forgets
To even thank Him in times of distress?
because He is the only One who has been my Protector
before, now, and even later
so many more steps to take, we don’t stop at ten
so I pray Allah to keep us on guidance until our last breath
until the very end
Inshaa Allah.


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