Early childhood education and early childhood development make the personality of a person. Childhood is the age in which you can bring the child perfectly according to the Islamic principles. Parents should teach their children the Islamic principles from childhood so that when the child grew older the Islamic principles are known to him. Let us give you 10 tips to up bring your child according to Islamic principles.

Early Childhood Education:

  1. Children learn more by examples, especially visual and real world examples.
  2. Make your child aware of the Almighty Allah. Tell about HIS glory and greatness. Make him know that Allah is the only one whom you can ask for anything in your life
  3. Try to develop the love of Prophet (SAW) in your child so that he can follow Sunnah in the Love of Holy Prophet (SAW).
  4. In Addition to regular learning make Islamic education a part of your Toddler’s learning like Arabic language, Tajweed, Qira’ah ul-Quran Aqeedah, Hadith, Fiqh, Seerah.
  5.  Teach them good Manners. Give Attention to detail about all aspects of behavior reinforced by your behavior.  Tell them you have to practice what you preach.
  6. Concern for others: Self-centered: Family members, environment, servants, strangers, road users, neighbors, shop keepers: Sensitive or senseless
  7. Physical fitness: Mothers stop pampering. Regular sports, especially team sports, nutrition, no junk food.
  8. Scheduling time: Wake & Sleep early, TV, Daily Muhasiba, diary writing.
  9. Teach them Responsibility: School projects, commons, home, neighborhood.
  10. Drive for excellence in everything: Being No.1. Winning is a habit. So is losing. Focus on quality. Be a Standard Bearer of Islam.

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4 Responses to 10 tips of upbringing Muslim children

  1. Kailani hamidu abdus salam says:

    I want to be receiving this type of tips,also iwant to download the holy quran with its translation which i didnt get through.

  2. Amadu Zulkarnain Mohammed says:

    Salam to you all and may Allah, the Almighty reward you of the good deeds you are doing.

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