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10 Tips for youth in spread of Islam

by | Nov 1, 2012

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As a Muslim youth it is our responsibility to bring our fellows towards Islam. All Muslims have the duty to spread the religion, and practicing Muslim youth, whether beginners, activists or leaders have a crucial role to play.

Thus Islam is not a religion for the individuals rather it is for the whole mankind so we Muslims have the responsibility to spread the religion of Islam among our fellows specially in youth.

You must be thinking that your friends will make fun of you who spend their nights in clubs rather than praying prayers who would make fun of you when you dress in Islamic manner. But believe us you don’t have to worry on these hard comings in the way of your life. We have some tips and advice which can help from other Muslims, many of whom have been there and done that: you in spreading the DEEN (religion) among your Youth fellows.

Advice No. 1: Practice what you preach

Always try to practice what you are preaching to your fellows. Not practicing the Deen yourself will lose the confidence of your friends in you. Try to be a figure what you say to others.

Advice No. 2: Be sincere

Preach Islam just for the sake of Allah. Be sincere in your intentions that all you are doing is for bringing someone closer to Allah The Almighty. Don’t think yourself a teacher that you should be respected. Don’t be arrogant in your conversations. Guidance is always from Allah. Make Dua and sincere efforts to bring someone on the right path. Remember Allah can also misguide you if He wills (we seek refuge in Allah from that).

Advice No. 3: Give references according to Quran and Sunnah

Read and understand those chapters of Quran which talk about the way the Prophet (SAW) presented Islam to people.

Read the Seerah form some good Seerah booksto see especially how the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) brought Islam to so many different people, including young people. for some good Seerah books to see especially how the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) brought Islam to so many different people, including young people.

Advice No. 4: Talk to People As If You Really Don’t Know Them

Talk to people as you don’t know them personally. You don’t know that if a girl is dressed fashionably is how much closer to Allah and a boy whom you’ve never seen at Juma prayer is a “bad Muslim”. Maybe he was never really taught Islam and has no idea what importance Friday prayers have in Islam, especially for Muslim men.

Advice No. 5: Hangout with people

Take the initiative to hangout with people. Invite them for lunch or Iftar in Ramadan. Be with them in a playground and play a couple of healthy games with them share your happy and sad moments with them.

Advice No. 6: Always have silent smile on your face

The Prophet (SAW) was very good at smiling but we see many “practicing “Muslim who always seem upside down.

Smile is the key to be talk and become closer to people so that we can bring them closer to the religion. So always have brilliant smile on your face as it is also a Sunnah.

Advice No.7: Show them the relevance of Islam to modern life

Prove this wrong that Quran is Old fashioned. Give them examples of relevance of Islam to science and technology. Show how Islam is really about relating to Allah, which any human being can do, anywhere, anytime. Allah is always closer to you than your jugular vein and He hears and knows everything. Encourage friends to ask Allah’s help during tests, exams, and in dealing with problems at home with parents and siblings.

Also point out that Islam is related to teenagers: Islam gives you focus and an understanding of who you are and where you are going, which most of “teen culture” does not.

Advice No.8: Ask Them 4 Fundamental Questions

As your friendship develops, you will notice the topics you discuss may become more serious. You may be discussing, for instance, future goals and plans. We recommend four questions to ask that can steer the topic to Allah and Islam:

• Where am I going in life and what would make me really happy deep down inside?

• What do I believe?

• Who should I be grateful to?

• Did I get to where I am today without the help of anyone?

Advice No. 9 : Emphasize Praying 5 Times A Day Before Any Other Aspect Of Islam

A person’s main connection with Allah, on a daily basis, is through the prayer five times a day. Don’t emphasize any other aspect of Islam until your friend starts making a real effort to pray five times a day. Emphasize the direct connection one has with Allah in prayer. If they are facing a problem, tell them to pray, and to ask Allah for help in Salah and outside this time. When possible, make it a point to pray together during your “hang out time”. If your friend begins to pray, that is the first step to other aspects of Islam like giving up swearing, treating parents with respect or dressing Islamically.

Advice No. 10 : Support Them Even When They Become More Practicing

Remember, just because a person starts practicing Islam more regularly, this does not mean everything will be okay from this point onward. There will still be hard times, difficulties. There may be times when your friend may have doubts about his or her new found practice of Islam. Be there to reassure them.

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