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Forgiveness and Kindness

by | Dec 27, 2014

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“To err is human and to show kindness and to forgive is divine.”

More than 1400 years ago people of Arabia were living in very much fear. They feared their tribes and neighbors. Even they were scared of their idols. That was the time before Islam. The people of Arabs were worshiping idols. In fact in their ignorance they would bury their newly born daughters alive. As Islam began to spread among them such cruel and harsh practices stopped. Islam taught them love and peace. Islam taught them respect and kindness.

Prophet Muhammad himself was a very loving and kind person. He treated every one, old and young, with respect and love.

As Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was spreading the message of God. As prophet (PBUH) was changing, and making their lives better. Then some of Arabs felt that due to teachings of Muhammad (PBUH) their idols were losing their respect and power they start making plans against prophet (PBUH) to kill him and they start disliked him. Every time they tried to kill prophet (PBUH) and they failed. This furious the enemies of Islam even a lot of. So that they began to harass him in each approach they knew.

Old Lady:

In fact one old lady made a habit of throwing garbage on prophet (Pbuh), whenever he passed from in front of her house. Prophet (PBUH) had to pass that house every day because that was the way toward mosque. Even when old lady threw garbage on him he would pass without showing any annoyance and anger. That was a regular and daily routine.

One day as prophet was passing from in front of her house the old lady did not threw garbage on him he felt so strange stopped there and asked from someone about the well-being of old lady. The neighbor informed the prophet (PBUH) that old lady is not well as she is sick. Then prophet humbly and politely asked the permission to visit the old lady.

After getting permission Prophet (PBUH)entered the house of old lady. The old lady thought that he comes here to take his revenge as I use to throw garbage on him and as she is sick and unable to defend herself. Prophet (PBUH) humbly assured the old lady that I am not here to take any sort of revenge from you instead I am here to look after you because ALLAH ordered me to look after the needy and sick. HE ordered me that Muslim should visit those and help those who need help and are needy.

Kindness of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH):

The old woman was greatly impressed by this kindness and love of the Prophet. By the example of greatness of Muhammad, she understood that he is truly the Prophet of God and Islam is the true religion. She accepted Islam there.

On another occasion, Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) was journeyed somewhere. At one noon, Prophet Muhammad rested under the shade of a small tree.

One of prophet enemy seeing this and thought that as Muhammad is alone, so it is best time to kill him quietly and quickly. He rushed towards him with sword in his hand and asked the prophet:

“That tells me now who can help you now?”

Prophet replied calmly and with great confidence “ALLAH”

Seeing this confident and calm assurance, the enemy got frightened, and the sword fell away from his hands. With the same calm and confidence, the Prophet took that sword in his hand and asked him:

“that Now, you tell me who is there to save you?”

Enemy replied that “no one”

Prophet said him that no you are wrong same ALLAH will help you also. And he let the enemy go free. After seeing this noble and kind attitude he accepted Islam.

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