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Build your own tower of Blessings (easy daily duas)

by | Dec 10, 2013

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Daily Duas

Assalam-o-Alaikum sisters and brothers!!

Today I have decided to share few very easy peasy and almost no-time consuming ways of earning great rewards from Allah SWT and building our very own sky-scrapping tower of blessings (In Sha’a Allah!! ). Today I am going to share with you some fairly easy, short and musnoon daily duas that wouldn’t just earn you fortunes for the here after but would also help brighten up your day Insha’a Allah.

Let’s take it methodically, I’ll go through the mandatory parts of our daily routines today and try to add in some easy and tiny ways of Allah’s remembrance in them. Okay so less talking and more duas today. Let’s get started. 馃檪

Our day begins everyday when we open our eyes. So lets start with the musnoon dua of waking up.

  • Dua upon waking up

next we all head up to the washroom, don’t we? 馃榾

  • Dua for entering the washroom

put your left foot in first when you enter the toilet.

  • Dua before making Wudu (ablution)

Daily duas

Allahumma-gh fir-lee dhan-bee wawass si’lee fi dari wa bariklee fi rizq.
Translation: O Allah Forgive my sins, make my home accommodating and grant me abundance in my livelihood.

  • Dua after making wudu (ablution)

Daily duasAllahummaj ‘al-ni minat-tow-wa beena waj-alni minal muta-tah-hireen.
Translation: I testify that there is no deity except Allah; He is One and has no partner.聽 And I testify that Muhammad (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is His servant and apostle.

  • Dua upon exitind the toilet

Dailu duas

right foot out first when you exit your WC.

Next you probably come face to face with some family member, so what do you do? You’re right. You greet them 馃檪

  • Dua for Greeting another MuslimDaily duasAs salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.
    Translation: May the peace of Allah descend upon you and His Mercy and Blessings.

Next you probably open the fridge or go to the kitchen and get something to eat. how to make your food a means of blessings for you? well here’s how. 馃檪

  • Dua before a meal

Daily DuasBismillahi wa ‘ala baraka-tillah.
Translation: With Allah’s name and uon the blessings granted by Allah (do we eat).

  • Dua after drinking milk
  • Daily duas
  • Dua to be recited if you forget to start your meal with BISSMILLAH
  • dua after completion of meal

Daily duasAlham do lillah hilla-thee At Amana wa saquana waja ‘alana minal Muslimeen.
Translation: All praise is due to Allah who gave us food and drink and who made us Muslims.

  • dua for traveling

Daily duasSubhanalla-thee sakh-khara-lana haatha wa-ma kun-na lahoo muqrineena wa inna ila Rabbina la-mun-qali-boon.
Translation: Glory be to Him (Allah) who has brought this (vehicle) under our control though we were unable to control it.聽 Sure, we are to return to our Lord.

  • dua when you sneeze

Daily duasAlhamdulillah! (right graphic) / Alhamdu lillahi ‘ala kull-lee ha-leen (left graphic).
Translation: Thanks and all praise be to Allah (or) Thanks and all praise be to Allah under all conditions.

  • Dua when someone else sneezes

Daily duasYar Hamoo kall Lah. (“Yar Hamoo kill Lah” if a female sneezes)
Translation: May Allah have mercy on you.

  • Dua for repentance

Daily duas

  • Dua before you sleep

Daily duas

  • Dua that eases every distress

Daily duas

A super short , super quick and super effective dua to help you get rid of every hardship and worry. ( I just experienced the blessing of this dua.. Just when I had completed writing my blog and was about to publish it, suddenly my browser crashed and restarted and what followed next was like a mini heart attack for me because the blog that I was writing was there infront of me but all empty. :/ I was about to cry coz my hard work of 2 and half hour seemed wasted all of a sudden. Then I kneeled to Allah started reciting the above mentioned dua repeatedly with full faith. after 5 minutes i returned to my laptop and voilaaa !!! I found my whole article intact and auto saved 馃榾 yipiieeee!! )

Don’t you think these duas are super easy and small? I know it wud take some time to memorize them but once you memorize them, you don’t even need to remember reciting them at the right time. They just flow out automatically Alhumdulillah!! 馃檪

So how to satrt learning?

  1. Motivation: is the key. Once you make up your mind, everything gets easy.
  2. One by one: take one dua everyday and make a routine of consciously repeating your daily dua atleast 8 – 10 times a day.聽 (won’t take more than 5 minutes)
  3. Remember: before you do anything at all just wait for a second and think; are you missing something? and the duas will automatically flow in Insha’a Allah
  4. reminders: take a stack of sticky notes. jot down these duas on your notes and stick them at appropriate place. for example, 2 sticky notes outside you WC .. for entering and exiting. Those related to food could be glued on your kitchen’s door , dinning table or your fridge. 2 sticky notes for your bed post too… the dua before sleeping and that for after awakening goes right there.
  5. Remember Allah is every where, watching you, guarding you, listening to you and beautifying Jannah for you. 馃檪 Shouldn’t we try pleasing him too?
  6. Yaqeen / Believe : keep your faith firm. what ever good you do just keep a staunch beleieve that not even your聽 slightest good deed would ever go unrewarded. 馃檪

May Allah Pak bless us all. Aameen!

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