Our Attitude Towards Upcoming Ramadan

by | Jul 6, 2013

The month of blessings is just about to come. Often muslims are worried about Ramadan, espacillay when the upcoming ramadan is in summers. This is some thing very bad, instead of being excited about ramadaan, we are most of the time listening and giving such statements “Oh God ! how would we fast in so hot weather”, “its going to be almost 15-16 hour fast (in some countries) “ “this Ramadan would be a real tough one, so long duration of fast” “ it would be very difficult to fast in summers” . Some may express a negative attitude towards the long fasts and others might try to find excuses to avoid fasting altogether.

Welcome Ramadan:

Is that the spirit we must welcome Ramadan with? Should our attitude towards the upcoming Ramadan be like this ? well, not all of our muslim sisters and brothers show such attitude towards Ramadan. Some of us are also excited about Ramadan and that is what we all should do.

Most of us are worried about the duration of a fast. As this Ramadan is going to be in summers IN SHA ALLAH. And days of summers are long as well as hot, so it seems difficult to spend a day with out food and water, Especially water. Dear brother and sisters, this is not a matter to worry about ! why do we worry, when we know the reward would be doubled as our effort is doubled. Could not we stay a few hours more thirsty and hungry for pleasure of our creator?

ALLAH subhana hu wa tala never put us in difficulty. If such a long fast had been impossible for us, Ramadan would not have been in june or july for sure. And if it is in june or july, then their must be some bonus or extra reward for it. Be stand fast and trust on your ALLAH, HE who has given you month of Ramadan in summers would definetly  give you strength to fast in summers also. Your job is to seek help from HIM and be prepared to enjoy the month of Ramadan at its extreme.

Attitude Towards Ramadan:

Its not an ordinary month, so our attitude towards Ramadan must also be somewhat special. Instead of being worried and anxious about Ramadan, we must be excited and full of energy to welcome Ramadan. ALLAH is giving us another opportunity in our life to witness the month of Ramadan, so we must be in our full preparations to grab all the blessings of this month. Be happy and enthusiastic about the upcoming Ramadan. Make plans and time table , how would you benefit from this month of blessing at its fullest. What would be your strategies this Ramadan to enjoy this noble month. What special you are going to do in this special month.

Planning about aftaar parties and charities. And yes ! the most exciting thing about Ramadan , EID. There is a lot to be excited about Ramadan. So why this worried and anxious attitude about a month which brings us so much joy and blessings ?

So let us promise our selves that we would now change our attitude towards upcoming Ramadan, and this change would not only be restricted to our selves, but we would motivate others also to be excited, determined, happy and eagerly waiting about the upcoming Ramadan.

Think about it :)

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