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Ramadan Packages

by | Jul 21, 2013

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Glad tidings to all muslim sisters and brothers . Here comes the month for which we all wait for whole year. Its the month of blessings, forgiveness, empathy, patience, happiness. There are special prayers and recitations in this month, salat-ul-traweeh etc . We all know, that reward of every act is increased many folds in Ramadan. Its not just being hungry and thirsty all the day, it includes a lot of other things. “FAST “ completes when it is joined with other of its embellishments . With all the necessary components ( prayers 5 times a day, refrain from major and minor sins ) , one makes his/her fast acceptable in front of ALLAH salallah hu wa tala. And if one does some extra efforts, this increases the ajar of fast to much more times.

Program Offered by Allah:

Let us suppose FAST as a program offered by ALLAH subhana hu wa tala. Now some of its components are necessary , without which that software wouldn’t work properly. And some are “Add-ons” , they are not crucial, but if installed, can enhance the performance of software ( FAST ) and thus , improved result is obtained.

What could those necessary components be ? for example , tolerating hunger and thirst for sake of ALLAH subahana hu wa tala. This could be the main “set up “file , without which, you can’t imagine your software in running condition. Moreover there are other files you often see with software, those could be refraining from back biting, maintaining good behavior, avoiding foul language and fight, offering prayer 5 times a day. Just like a computer program! If any of these file gets deleted , program wouldn’t work properly or may be could even stop working. Similarly, if one just stays hungry and do not abides other rules associated with fast, he just bore pain of being hungry, his fast becomes use less.

Other than these compulsory files, some time we have ADD-ons. In case of fast, an add on could be keep on doing dikhr all the day, reciting various surahs, offer salat-ul- traweeh, recitation of various short duas, giving on charity and alms. All these add ons would beautify your fast.

Packages of Ramadan

So here are some  Ramadan packages, provided by ALLAH subhaana hu wa tala , the manufacturer of this awesome software “Ramadan”. Reward increases level by level, starting from the BASIC packages having just the obligatory actions till the ULTIMATE packages which comprises action which are fardh (obligatory ) , sunnah ( better to perform , the recommended ones ) along with nawafil  (on choice , bonus ones) !


It includes the very basic obligations, most of which we often find obligatory whole the year. So the difference in this day of Ramadan and any other random day of year is, that you stay hungry for a defined time period! package includes :

No eating + no drinking  + pray 5 times a day + recite one 1\4 th of parah of quran.


This one, is a little better than the basic one. And I think, this one is opted by most of us! Package includes :

No  eating + no drinking  + avoid bad actions + praying 5 times a day + recite half chapter of quran + offer traweeh.


One step ahead than the cool package. Needs a little bit extra effort.

No eating + No drinking + Praying 5 times a day + Avoid bad actions + Avoid bad thoughts +Recite full chapter of quran+ Offer traweeh  + Stay cool , do not  fight and behave extra nicely with every one


No eating , drinking + Praying 5 times a day + Avoid bad actions and thoughts + Recite one and a half chapter of quran + Offer traweeh + Behave extra nicely with every one + Recite maximum duas + Offer some nawafil.


Now this one this the awesome most package, if one does it, it means he really spent his Ramadan perfectly. It includes all the mandatory actions along with the recommended one , plus the extra bonus. Lets see what this package includes :

No eating , drinking + Avoid bad actions and thoughts + Praying 5 times a day + Recite two or more chapters of quran + Behave extra nicely with every one + Offer traweeh  + Recite maximum duas + Offer nawafil + Offer tahjjud + “ Qayam-allayl is one of the most rewarded actions.

NOTE : All these packages are offered for a limited time period ( month of ramdan )

as per the note above, we know its a limited time offer ! So which package would you choose ???

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