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Who is a true Muslim?

by | Nov 11, 2013

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While surfing on the internet a few days back I came across this very interestingly thought provoking account of a person who was transformed from a ear-shattering-high-volume-music-Listener to a person who no more listened to music and not just him. His whole office and that too by a single person who never preached.

Intrigued? Aren’t we? So let’s just plunge straight into the story.

(I’ll use fake names)

“Hi! My name is Ahmed and I have been working at a private firm for many years. The environment of my firm had always been very frank and open. There’s one big hall with desks set all around it. So that all the employees share the same room. There have been both male and female employees working together in my office. And all of us have always been like close friends; men and women alike. Almost all of us have had speakers attached to our systems and all of us liked to play songs aloud. So yeah my office’s environment has always been pretty cool.

It was around 4 years ago when my organization got a huge dream project to work on. And we had to ask the headquarters to provide us with an electrical engineer for the project. Soon a young, enthusiastic & intelligent Electrical Engineer (named Ali) moved into our office. But what we (me and my colleagues alike) didn’t like about the young man was that he had a “six inch long beard” and used to “wear his pants a little higher than his ankles”. So we all decided to ignore that guy and keep our routines intact.With all the high music, long gossips, loud laughter and free mixing of men and women. But none of us had anticipated what was in store for us.

Polite Manners:

On the very first day we were all surprised. When he got up from his chair came around each of our tables with a pleasant smile and polite manners he invited each and every one of us for DHUHR prayers (determined as we were to ignore him. we refused to be impressed by him and refused to join him in his prayers.) He then brought his prayer rug in the hall(much to our astonishment) and started praying then and there and so we had to stop the music to let him say his prayers in peace and silence(since we are all born Muslims, So we did have this much respect of the prayers at least).

Anyhow we resumed our chatter and music as soon as he was done, but had to stop it all again at Asr time (because he did what he’d done at dhuhr prayer again.) and then it started happening on daily basis, it was like a routine for him, he would come to us he would invite us to pray and then he would pray in the middle of the hall. Slowly and unknowingly most of us started using headphones as a respect to his routine. Ali was a very kind, down-to-earth, helping and fine person. He was always ready to help everyone around him even before his help was asked for. He would speak softly, listen to our issues and provide us with the best solutions, cracks jokes and be kind, he would even go to kitchen and fetch water, coffee and teas for his subordinates and serve them.

Good Manners is key to success:

Before we knew we were all tied in the bond of friendship and love with Ali. After a while few people started joining him in his prayers. Few days past and most of us permanently dismounted our speakers from our computers. Before we realized almost all of us had seized to listen to music altogether, and those bold and vulgar jokes and loud laughter were replaced by nice words and kind smiles, while the number of men who offered congregational prayers with him in office increased still; until there wasn’t a single person left in the office who won’t pray. Two months flew by and our “SO COOL” office had literally been transformed into a “peacefully productive” office. At the completion of our project came the time of his sad departure and he left us all in tears but with better faith. AlhumduLILLAH.
Today someone asked me “who is a true Muslim?” Ali was the first person who came into my mind. Yes! He is the best true Muslim.    ”

What I learnt from this story is that. Good manners are the first step to wining people’s heart and persistence is the key to success. When we look at our Holy Prophet (Pbuh) and his Sunnah, the first thing that we get to learn from it is Holy Prophet (Pbuh)’s IKHLAAQ (good manners), even his staunch enemies couldn’t deny his good manners.  We as Muslims need to analyze ourselves and try to know where the fault is. Why is it that we’re lagging behind others why are we generally disliked and what should we do in order to rectify that. My personal opinion is that we (Muslims) as a nation need to promote and develop good manners in ourselves and in our coming generations.  Don’t you agree?

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