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Spreading Light of Islam in West

by | Jun 6, 2012

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Lets spread the light of Islam in the West. Islam is a religion of peace love and faith. It teaches us humanity, respect care toward other Muslim brothers as well as non-Muslims. It has designed rights for everyone including wife, husband, neighbor, Parents, teacher, etc. Prophet (PBUH) is the best example in this regard who respected everyone regardless of his religion, culture, ethnicity, and gender. Islam is the religion which is not only to pray but is a complete code of life. It covers every aspect of daily life from business to family laws.

Unfortunately, the current scenario is depicting a different picture. Now Islam is being associated with violence, killing, blood-shedding, ignorance, and terrorism. Some ignorant people have taken charge of Islamic leadership that is one of the factors for ruining our position. People with higher education are required to take a step forward for endorsement of the soul concept of Islam.

In the current scenario, where Muslims are unfortunately mistreated and misunderstood it’s very important to clear non-Muslim minds. The anti-Muslim lobby is presenting Islam in a way that it’s the religion of terrorism, killing, depression, in which there is no respect for humanity especially women. They will not mind their girl to develop illicit relations in her early teens but they will criticize Prophet (PBUH) for marrying Hazrat Ayesha (R.A). First, it’s very important to make their mind clear about Islam. But the question arises on how to do that?

How to Spread the Light of Islam in West

If you will go to them and will tell them Islam is all about peace, it gives the lesson of humanity and love, probably most of them will not believe you. Then how to make them believe you? The best and most effective way to spread the light of Islam is your attitude toward daily life matters. Your positive attitude and good behavior will depict your knowledge. Allah and his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) never imposed the teachings of Islam over the non-believers. Neither had they allowed unjustified killing. And we have to spread this message that is the actual philosophy of Deen Islam.

Those who are living west have more responsibility to spread the light of Islam. If they are unable to deliver Islamic teaching openly, at least your character and good attitude should depict your great school of thought you belong to. Your attitude toward things should force the people to have a glance at the teachings of Islam or at least respect Islam. It’s the responsibility of the people with education and knowledge to deliver the message of Allah to the general public.

Learn before teaching Islam in West

Unfortunately, we like to teach more than learning. We think we have enough knowledge and we start to teach others. Never let the other realize that he is ignorant and you are a knowledge body. It can annoy the other person. Express your argument in the form of discussion instead of instruction. Enhance your knowledge to raise the authenticity of your argument.

Clearing their minds

Maintain good relations with your neighborhood. Join them in their gathering to let them know you and your peaceful state of mind. ALWAYS respect your women, elders in their presence. Talk about education and character. Don’t get yourself involved in explicit activates, neither show likeness nor interest in them. Listen to their point of view peacefully so that they may listen to yours as well. Neither never ever panic in front of them nor show hatred for any race, culture, or religious matter.

Here we tried to cover a few steps to spread the light of Islam. On the day of judgment, we will b answerable to Allah that what we did for the propagation of Islam. Utilize whatever skill you have like you are a good speaker, good in the discussion, or have a writing skill. So that on the day of judgment we may not face humiliation before Allah

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