Islamophobia Definition:

The Muslim religion is spreading all over the world. But Islam phobia is anti-Muslim sentiment in the West.

Let’s agree first that it is human nature that tends to get attracted to similar people and be confused or distant from those who show the difference. As it is said, “birds of the same feather flock together.” So imagine non-Muslims living in their bubble in the West and receiving their Islamic background since childhood exclusively from media. How distorted their vision might be. The only Muslim picture they have in their mind is the extremists and terrorists highlighted by the news. Feeling at unease is the least that could happen when these people meet a Muslim-looking person.

So do we stand still and let this phenomenon spread? Or is there something that we can do about it?

There are simple acts that you can easily do in your everyday daily life to spread your Muslim positive vibes around and unleash the beauty of our religion:

It is Sunnah to Smile in Muslim Religion

Yes, you heard it. Never underestimate how far your smile’s warmth can reach people’s hearts and melt the ice. Smiling makes you look friendly, approachable and most of all, it’s a Sadaqa (Act of charity).

Mini chats 

A simple “Good morning,” “How are you today,” or “Take care” to your neighbors, coworkers in the elevator, or service workers will show how much you care about them.

Small Favors Generosity to Defame Islamophobia

Allah immensely rewards those who help others in Dunya and Akhira. Offering your seat on public transit, giving up your turn at the cashier for older people or families with kids, or volunteering in your community are acts encouraged by Islam and perceived as generosity by Non-Muslims. We should always be naturally giving because this is the essence of our religion.

Dialogues of Muslims

Many of the Islamophobic people in the West have misguided perceptions of Islam. Whenever we get the chance, we must explain the difference between culture and religion. Acknowledge that there are wrongful behaviors in the Muslim culture and that this is being astray from true Islam. And remember to always stay calm during the conversations, as Allah said in the Quran.

Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction, and argue with them in the best way. Indeed, your Lord is most knowing of who has strayed from His path, and He is most knowing of who is [rightly] guided. 

(An-Nahl 16:125) 

Work sincerely

Being a great Muslim role model and setting up the standards at work, university, or even sports is a great way to convey sincerity and devotion in our religion. If you know Mohamad Salah, the Muslim Egyptian football player in the Liver Pool team, then you must have seen how he cast his magic to soccer fans around the world with his ethics, teamwork, and sincerity.

Imagine if we have more like Mohamad Salah in all fields of life!!


Celebrate your fellow Muslims and share their achievements on social media in all fields of life. Let the world be their hall of fame because they deserve it.

Living as a Muslim in the West and dealing with Islamophobia can be challenging, yet with small actions here and there, the fog will gradually lift insh’Allah.

How will you peacefully stop Islamophobia in your community today? Share with us your insights.

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