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Role Models; Change My Life

by | Dec 7, 2012

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What is purpose of my Life…? How should I live in my life…? Who will follow me to live the life, the best way…?  These questions often come in my Mind. When I took Birth My mother helped me to grow up and made me understand things. My father helped me in knowing this world. But what should I do When now I am A grown up and in my opinion no one is here to help me understand that what to do and what not to do. But now I am very happy that I have found the Answers to these and so many other question that used to come in my mind. I have not only Found the role Model for my life either I should say that I have the role MODELS, who can help me live, understand and Guide me in every walk of life.

My Role Models

As I just said I Don’t Have role models either I have the Role models. I am Very lucky to have a bunch full of role models in my life. My role models are helping me each and every field of life so now let me Tell you About the First Role model of My Life.

Quran Is a Role Model for me and the Whole world indeed. My Quran is guiding me through everything.

1.       Quran; Social Helper

Quran is guideline for all the aspects of life. I was much tensed that who will guide me to live my social life. Quran is helping me to give me Guidelines for living my social life in the best way.

Not only me there are numerous stories of other people as well who are in love with Quran and leading there life in the best way.

God coineth an example for the believers: the wife of Pharaoh, when she said,

“My Lord! Build for me a home with Thee in the Garden, and deliver me from Pharaoh and his deeds, and deliver me from evildoing people”;

And Maryam bint Imran, who was protected (or chaste), then We breathed into her Our Spirit. And she put faith in the words of her Lord and His Scriptures, and was of the obedient ones.

(Qur’an, 66:12)

These two Ayahs have told that how Women are treated in Islam. In these Ayahs God have Pointed two Historical ladies of Islam and have made them Role model for us.

2.        Quran; Role Models Female

Who are the female role models mentioned in Quran??? What are the characteristics if these women that they are distinct from other women? Knowing about the lives of these Holy Women mentioned In Quran and making them role models I have truly changed my life.

3.       Quran; Role Model For Married Couples

My Quran; My role Model is also helping me through my marital life. Quran have mentioned the Rules and regulation for the spouses, which if followed are very helpful for the everlasting marital relations between the spouses.

Quran have told the Status of husband and Wife. It also give guidelines for NIKKAH (the Marriage Contract), and the way to lead the life after marriage. I am trying to follow the rules given in Quran About the married life to make my marital relation an everlasting one.

Indeed Quran will Guide us in every aspect of our life.

Muhammad (SAW); My Role Model

My second role model is our Beloved Prophet (SAW). The life of our Holy Prophet (SAW) is totally a Holy Model for us. The life of our Holy Prophet SAW is full of incidents that can help us to follow him and lighten up our lives.

1.       Prophet Truth: My role Model

The truthfulness of our Prophet SAW is very famous. Once our Holy Prophet SAW asked the people of Arabia that what If I say that An Army in attacking you from the Back of This Mountain. The Arab People replied that O Prophet (SAW) you are so truth full that we will blindly believe what you will say.

We should be as truthful as our Prophet that people blindly believe us.

2.       Prophet’s Personality; My Role Model

The personality of our Prophet SAW was very nice. He used humor to lighten the mood in many situations.

He was kind as well. He used to love Children and respect his elders. His life is really a role model for all of us.

In short we don’t need any role model from today’s world when we have Quran and the Prophet Saw as our role models. It should be kept in mind that this does not mean that we should not make any other role model for us. But the selection of role model is very important. Our role Model should be very good and a person going on the right way. If we succeed in choosing the right role model for us then we can follow him totally and become succeeded in our lives.

I request you to pray for me and all the people around me. I also Pray to Allah that HE help us all in choosing the right role models for ourselves. Ameen. 😉

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