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Dare To Change

by | Jan 24, 2013

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He was a new admission in a renowned university of Egypt. On the very first day of university, when he was finding the prayer room or mosque in university, he told that there was no proper place to offer prayer in university. But if anyone wants to offer prayer, he can go to a room in the basement. He started searching that room in basement in the thought that whether other teachers or students offer prayer over there or not.

Finally when he reached that room. To his disappointment, that room was very dirty, full of mud and scrap. There was an old and torn prayer mat spread in the center of room. And an ordinary employee of the university is already present there to offer prayer. He inquired that employee, “would you offer salaah over here? “. Employee replied “yes, as there is no other place in university to be used as prayer room but no one comes over here for salaah”. That boy clearly refused to offer prayer at that place, “but it is so unclean and dirty over here, how can one pray over here?

Say Azaan for first Time:

I am going to find out some other place “. With these words he left the basement and started to search the most prominent and easily view able place. And then finally he chose an appropriate place. After choosing the place, he did a very strange act over there. He said azaan loudly!

At first , people in surrounding were amazed on his act, and then they started laughing on him. But that student was so much confident on his action, that he completed azaan with same loud voice without minding his surroundings. After completing azaan, he sat over there for a few minutes. And then he stood up , said aqamat and started offering prayer alone. He was so much involved in his prayer that it seemed he was alone in the whole place and there was no one else him on earth. No doubt his concentration was exemplary.

First Change:

Next day, on the same time, he again said azaan loudly on the same time, said aqaamat and then offered prayer alone and left the place after completing salah. And this routine continued 3rd day, 4th day, 5th day and so on. Now his madness was nothing new for the people in surroundings, thus the voices of laughter got lower and lower day by day. And then with in these few days, the first change was seen. That employee he met the first day, brought courage in himself to join the prayer. Now they were two of them. And within a week, there number grew to four. And the next week, a teacher also came to join them.

In this way, this news was spread in whole university. Someone told administration also and as a result, one day chancellor called him and said “Gentle man! Do you know this doesn’t meet the standards of our university, nor it looks sensible to say Azaan in center of university and hold a congregation there. What I can do in your favor is, to build a small mosque in university, anyone needing to offer prayer, can go over there any time”.

Foundation of First Mosque:

And in this way, foundations of the first mosque in agricultural university of Egypt were laid. And this process did not stop over there, students of other universities also woke up for their rights and demanded mosque in university. And in this way, every university of Egypt built a mosque in its premises.

A Positive Cause:

That student made a positive cause , aim of his life. And this aim and positive cause then brought a lot of great positive changes. Today, no one know who was that student, what was his name, whether he is still alive or not. But whenever adan is said n all of those masajid, and students and teachers pray over there, he receives reward for taking that positive initiative. A single positive step of that student brought change in lives of so many other people. His personal act benefited so many others.

The point to think over here for us is, what we have done personally for our environment or society. Any personal act or deed which brought betterment in our surroundings. Or a single doing, which changed something worse into something good. A dare , which benefited people other than our own selves.

We need to correct mistakes and change things around us. There should be no hesitation in pointing out a flaw or saying truth. Often truth is difficult to be said, but this difficulty level must never lower down level of your motivation for right cause. After all, some one has to take the first step. Other than a social responsibility, it is our religious duty to speak out for truth and right. If you find any difficulty or abstinence in saying or favoring truth, ask ALLAH for assistance.
May ALLAH subhana hu wa tala help us to speak for right and stand by it.

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