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Hazrat Salman Farsi

by | Dec 8, 2014

Hazrat Salman Farsi was one of the beloved companions of Prophet Mohammed (SAW). Would you listen to Hazrat Salman Farsi’s (R.A) story, which he told to beloved Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w)? Let’s travel back to the past to listen to the tale of a shining star of Islam “Hazrat Salman Farsi.” How good it be if we listen to it the same way. Hazrat Salman Farsi used to tell it to their fellow Muslims while sitting under the shade of a tree outside his house.

Biography of Salman Farsi

My name is Salman Farsi. I used to live in Isfahan, Faras (Iran). My father was a respectable person in the area as he was the head. We both loved each other. I practiced Zoroastrianism so much that both of us (my father and I) became fire custodians. The fire never went out, and our duty was to keep the flames burning.

One day, I was on a trip to our fields. On the way, I saw a church where people were practicing Christianity. Their way of worship inspired me so much that I planned to stay over there for a night. When I reached home the next day, I told my father about the christens and church I saw. Observing my inclination towards Christianity, my loving father shackled me out of fear. Hence I was restricted to staying at home. But somehow, I managed to convey my message to the church that if any missionary convoy passes through Syria, tell me.

Salman Farsi Journey to Syria:

Upon hearing about a convoy, I escaped from home to Syria. When I reached Syria, people sent me to the father of the church. I started living there, serving and worshiping Christianity. To my dismay, I soon found out that the bishop was a corrupt person. Bishop used to keep the donations and alms of the church to himself instead of giving them to the needy. That bishop soon died, and a new father was appointed. I had not seen any man more pious than him in Christianity. He was so virtuous and dutiful that I fell in love with him.

I stayed in his service till the time of his death reached. I asked him for his advice. He replied, “O son Salman! I do not know of anyone except for a certain man living in the city of Mosul. Go to him, for you will find he is similar to me.”

The journey towards Mosel:

I packed my bags and started my journey toward mosel (a city in Iraq). There I stayed in the companionship of a pious man till his death arrived too. I asked him the same question: “where should I go now?”. He recommended I go to another priest who sent me to a priest in Ammuriyah (Ameria, near Rome). Before his demise, I asked for guidance from him. He replied, “No one in my knowledge following our religion properly I can send you to.

Nevertheless, your life seems to coincide with the era of the predestined Prophet who will rise from the land of Haram. His migration will be to a city full of date trees. Moreover, he will certainly have some distinct features: Between his shoulder blades, there will be the Seal of the Prophethood. He will eat food, provided it is a gift, not a donation.

If you can reach that city, do so because you are close to his era”. I had some cows and sheep then, which were my source of living. When I heard about a caravan passing through Ammuriyah, I handed them all of my belongings and requested them to take me to the land of date trees. The Arabs agreed to take me with them but broke their agreement when we reached far off from Syria. They made me a slave, then sold me to a Jew. There I spent my days and nights in slavery. One day, a jew from the tribe of Banu-Qureyzah came and bought me. He took me to Yathrib, the city of palm groves, as the Christian at Ammuriyah had described it.

Meeting with Prophet Muhammad (SAW):

One day, I was on the tree top doing some work. My master was sitting under the tree when his nephew came and said, “‘May Allah declare war on the Aws and the Khazraj (the two main Arab tribes of Yathrib). By Allah, they are now gathering at Quba to meet a man who has just arrived from Makkah and claims to be Prophet.” I would have fallen off the tree if I had not quickly climbed down the tree. I was shivering so much. In the evening, I took some dates with me and went on to meet the holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

I somehow reached where Prophet Muhammad (S.a.w) sat among his companions. Now the issue was of signs that the priest told me. I told all the session members, “I am donating these dates to all of you as I think you are the most deserving of them.” I noticed Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) withdrew his hand, not eating from it, but told his Companions to eat. At the time, I thought, “This is one of the characteristics my Mentor told me of.”

Hazrat Salman Farsi Acceptance of Islam:

On my way back, I saw that the Prophet’s peace and blessing be upon him was heading to Madinah. Thus, I took the food to him, saying, “I saw that you were not eating from this charity. I presented it as a gift and not charity.” This time, the Prophet’s peace and blessing be upon him also ate with his Companions. “That makes two signs,” I thought.

Later, I approached the Prophet (SAW) as he walked behind the corpse at a funeral. I remember that he was covered in two sheets at the time, and his Companions were with him.

I was trying to steal a look at the Seal on his back when the Prophet (SAW) saw me glancing. Realizing that I wanted to verify what someone had told me, he let his cloak drop a little, and I managed to see that the Seal between his shoulder blades was exactly how my Mentor had described it. I threw myself down before the Prophet (SAW), kissing (his blessed hands/feet), and started to cry. That was when I recited Kalmah, took my shahadah, and entered the circle of Islam.

Salman Farsi-A Shining Star:

So, friends, that’s how Hazrat Salman Farsi used to tell her story of accepting Islam. His story does not finish here. The whole life of this shining star of Islam is full of his devotion to his religion. Salman Farsi was the one who suggested digging a trench in the battle of Khandak. His suggestion was approved by Holy Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w). While digging the trench, when Hazrat Salman Farsi encountered a big rock, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself hit the stone. Upon each hit, flames arose, and Prophet Muhammad (S.a.w) announced a prophecy of victory over the Roman and Persian empires. And this shining star of Islam saw these predictions turning into realities within his life with his own eyes.

Death Of Salman Farsi

He died during the reign of the Third caliph of Islam, Uthman bin Affan. He is buried in Madain, in present-day Iraq. Though that city fell into abandonment, there is still a town named after him, Salman Pak.


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