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Biography of Hazrat Usman (R.A.)

by | Mar 16, 2015

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Hazrat Usman (RA) was born in Makkah. He was also related to our Prophet (S.A.W) through his great-grandfather Abd Manaf. He belonged to the Ummayad tribe of Quraysh. And he was among those who accepted Islam very early. He was one of the wealthy merchants of Makkah & even in the days of ignorance, and he led an immaculate & virtuous life. Hazrat Usman was a wealthy trader who helped poor Muslims and released many Muslim slaves from their pagan masters.

At the suggestion of Hazrat Abu Bakr, Hazrat Usman embraced Islam. When his tribe heard of his acceptance of Islam, his uncle tied him to ropes and beat him badly. Thus he was one of those Muslims who had struggled a lot on the path of Islam.

Biography of Hazrat Usman e Ghani 

Hazrat Usman (also known as Uthman) was a companion of the Prophet Muhammad and one of the earliest converts to Islam. He played a significant role in establishing the Muslim community and is considered the third Caliph of Islam.

Usman was born in 576 CE in Makkah and was known for his wealth and generosity. He supported the Prophet Muhammad and the early Muslims financially and politically. After the Prophet’s death, Usman was elected as the third Caliph of Islam in 644 CE.

As Caliph, Usman led the growing Muslim community and expanded the empire. He worked to unify the Muslim community by standardizing the Qur’an and promoting its widespread use. He appointed governors and administrators to manage the different territories under Muslim control.

However, despite his many contributions, Usman faced opposition and was eventually assassinated by rebels in 656 CE. Despite this, his legacy continues to be celebrated by many Muslims who regard him as a wise and just leader.

Today, Hazrat Usman is remembered as a respected figure in Islamic history, and his life continues to inspire many Muslims worldwide.

Marriage of Hazrat Usman (R.A.):

Hazrat Usman (R.A.) married Ruqayya bint Mohammad. They and a few other Muslims decided to migrate to Abyssinia following the advice of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.). In 622 A.D., he also migrated to Madinah. Thus he was one of those persons who performed Hijrat in the way of Allah twice.

Hazrat Usman took part in all battles, except the battle of Badr, because the Prophet (PBUH) asked him to stay back for Hazrat Ruqayya as she was in a critical condition. But after the war, our Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) met her daughter, and he learned that she had already died before the war ended.

After Ruqayya’s death, Usman (R.A.) married another daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Umm-e- Kulsum, Hazrat Usman was called ‘Dhun Nurain,’ i.e., Possessor of the two lights.

He spent his wealth freely in the service of Islam and the Muslims. After the treaty of Hudaibiya, Hazrat Usman earned the title of ‘Ghani.’ In Madinah, the Muslims faced water scarcity, so Hazrat Usman bought a well from a Jew for 20,000 Dirhams and gifted it to the Muslims for their use. Due to this act, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave him the tidings of paradise.

Authority Of Hazrat Umar R.A

Hazrat Usman was regarded as an authority on the Muslim Law of Inheritance. Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique, the first Khalifah, and Hazrat Umar Farooq (R.A.) had high regard for him. They often took his advice for several matters and problems of various Muslims, particularly in Fiqh. He was one of the 6 men in the panel nominated by Hazrat Umar for succession as Khalifa before his death.

He became the 3rd Khalifa of the Islamic State in 24 A.H. He remained in office till 35 A.H. he was assassinated at 82 and was buried in Jannat Ul Baqi in Madina.

Hazrat Usman (R.A.) was upright, dutiful, and generous. I feel that a single page of words cannot fulfill the works done by such great personalities and cannot explain a man of such extraordinary abilities.

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