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Good Girl Went Great!!

by | Feb 13, 2014

Assalam O Alaikum readers!! Today I am going to share with you an extremely inspirational convert story of a North American (previously) Christian girl.

A Christian Girl:

The story starts with her getting on line admission in an university. Soon after being approved she leaves for her home town to get done with some family affairs. It takes her longer than expected and she returns two weeks late on her schedule. She was enrolled for her degree in recreation. And since it was two weeks into the semester she had already been allotted all the courses and registered and could not change/ drop any. As for her personal life she had always been a successful lady. running her own business making good money. She had won all the possible awards in her field of expertise and was happily settled with a peaceful family husband and kids. All in all she was a good girl in every way. but little did she knew about being great. Allah had willed her to go from good to great. 馃檪

okay so this girl was an extremely successful person and considered a trend setter but was very shy inside. On her first day at university she was horrified to find out that she was to study a course of theater panicked. She discussed the issue with her calm and loving hubby who suggested her to talk her teacher into letting her take the back stage responsibilities in the course; the matter was settled well.

On Her First Class Of Theater Awaited Another Shock For Her:

Dressed in some hot leather pants gulping down some vine and wearing a halter top she entered her classroom and was stopped short on the door when she saw too many Arabs in her classroom. Disgusted; horrified; furious she walked away and decided she would never sit with those filthy beings. Again her husband calm and composed made her understand how skipping a whole 3 credit our course could harm her grades.

Though not entirely convinced the girl did accept to sit in the class. She prayed and prayed hard in the coming days that some miracle happened that could save her from those Arab’s company. Nothing however happened and she had her first interaction with Muslims.

The girl entirely convinced that those folks were on the wrong while she was the one who was truly guided. She decided to make it her duty to spread the word of Christianity among her fellow Muslim mates and show them the right path. The girl however soon found out that all her Muslim fellows were perfectly polite towards her and her preaching but would stick to their religion anyway.

She continued to preach them and they never went impolite or impatient but never converted either. Exhausted, yet determined she decided to read their religion and their Holy book. So that she could show them how they were being deceived by it. She asked one of her fellow Muslim girls for a copy of her Quran an other girl offered her an Islamic book.

Journey of Reading Quran started:

and so the Adamantly determined Christian girl started reading Quran for the very first time. On every page she expected to find some flaw some mistake something unnatural or untrue until she finished it. She then went on to reading the Other religious book. then another; then another and others and others.

Until she had already done an extremely deep study in to the religion of Islam having read 15 Religious books including Sahih AL Bukhari. She found no loop holes; no ambiguities and nothing untruthful there. But as determined as she was. She kept trying to preach Christianity among her fellow Muslim girls and boys.

It was in those very days that her peaceful and happy life started going Topsy turfy some differences arose between me and my husband and my husband would claim all the time that I have changed. Not sure of why i had stopped attending parties and skipped our night outs at bars. I refused to accept that I was changing. My husband finally came to the conclusion that there probably was some man behind my lack of interest in these activities and kicked me out. this grieved me to no ends because i loved my hubby deeply and so did he.


Anyhow I didn’t stop my research there I just kept knowing more and more about Islam to find some flaw but failed. Until one day a few of my fellow Muslim girls and boys visited me and claimed that they knew I wanted to convert to Islam. This enraged me and I made it very clear to them that I do not intend to be convert. However I want to ask a few questions they agreed readily. I bombarded them with every question in my mind patiently and authentically they kept quenching me with answers. And that very after noon it was almost the time of Asar prayer when I read SHAHADA and Converted to Islam.

A roller coaster ride began from that very moment. My Husband claimed custody of my kids for he was afraid that they’d go astray if they were to live under my supervision. Her marriage ended with an ugly divorce. and she was left alone with no kids and hubby. Next her mother ; father sister and all blood relations left her. Her mother thought she was gone astray and that was just a temporary phase of her life. Her father claimed she was ought to be killed. While her sister declared her mentally ill. She lost her job too. Her friends left her soon afterwards.

New Muslim Girl:

No one but her new Muslim girl friends stood by her amidst all this dismay the first ray of light shone when her granny converted and joined her. She passed away soon afterwards (Lucky lady). 馃檪

After a lot of hardship and struggling and moral support by fellow muslim girls and boys alike and deeper and deeper study of Islam. Her mother called her and encouraged her for what ever she was up to. Then a couple of years later her mother called her and secretly accepted Islam. While father had converted just 2 weeks ahead of her mother secretly too. Then came her sisters’ turn and she said the Shahadaa as well. Joyed she kept on spreading the word of Allah and kept digging deeper into Islam.

The best day of her life was when she found out that her ex husband had Accepted Islam as well. When inquired he revealed that he had been observing her for the past 16 years and decided that he wanted her daughter to grow up to be exactly how she was. Her next jolt of happiness came when her eldest soon came to her and told her to make him say his shahada. 馃檪 Subhaan Allah!!

and ever since every year Alhumdulillah at least one of her family member is converting to Islam. 馃檪

Think about it.聽:)

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