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Facts About Zamzam Water

by | Apr 25, 2015

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Zamzam is the name of the well that gives the Zam zam water to billions of individuals hungrily plastered throughout history, particularly in the Hajj journey. These names are numerous, more than 60, as indicated by a few specialists and researchers. So, Its name comes from its qualities. Because of the percentage of the natural ones are.

  • Murwiya (derived from the Arabic word meaning ‘quenched’)
  • Shabbaa’a- (derived from ‘satisfying’)
  • Maymouna.

History of ZamZam water

Zam zam is well located in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. According to Islamic tradition, the well was revealed to Hajra, the wife of the prophet Ibrahim (Abraham). Allah created the well to provide sustenance for Hajra and her son in the desert while searching for water for her son Isma’il (Ishmael).

Since ancient times, the well-revered sacred site has been a water source for the Kaaba. Many prophets visited well, including Ibrahim, Isma’il, Ishaq (Isaac), and later the prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Today, the well of Zam zam is an important pilgrimage site for Muslims. They come to drink its waters and perform purification rituals. The water of Zamzam is sacred, and it has healing properties.

Zamzam is distributed to Muslims worldwide as a reminder of the well’s sacred history and as a symbol of the unity of the Muslim community.

Overall, The well of Zamzam is a central part of Islamic history and tradition, and it holds an important place in the hearts of Muslims worldwide.

Some Important Facts About Zamzam Water Are:

    • This Holy water washed the heart of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).
    • The Zam zam water was the miracle of Allah after the effort of Hazrat Ismael(AS).
    • The water first sprang forth when the angel Jibreel (peace be upon him) struck (the earth) with his wing (Saheeh al-Bukhaari, 3364).
    • In the last few decades, scientists collected some Zamzam water and found some features that make the water healthier, like a higher calcium level.
    • Inside Zam-zam water is a fixing diverse to different waters, which recuperates and helps fiery and cell frameworks inside the human body.
    • It is a cure for sickness.

Wahab Ibn Munabbah, who was from the second generation of Muslims, said

‘I swear by Him in whose possession my life is. Allah Ta’ala will relieve the person of all illnesses who drinks Zamzam to his fill and will also grant him good health.’

Numerous Saheeh Ahadith described concerning its ethics, for example,

Reported that the

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) drank it, did wudu with it, and poured it on his head. He used to carry Zamzam water in small vessels. And in large containers to pour on the sick and give them to drink.

 (al-Silsilat al-Saheehah, 883).

The Messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) said:

“The water of Zamzam is for whatever it is drunk for.” 

( Ibn Maajah, 3062).

This is a Hasan hadeeth. Scholars and righteous people have experienced this. They drank it intending to fulfill some needs. Such as healing from sickness or freedom from poverty and distress, and ALLAH fulfilled these hopes.

Zamzam water is, therefore, a great gift of ALLAH to their creatures.

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