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Quraan Facts

by | Sep 18, 2013

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What do we get in our mind when we hear word “Quran” ? Obviously, a religious book, a holy scripture containing commandments from ALLAH subhahana hu wa tala. Because ALLAH jalla jalaala hu wanted to communicate with us. HE wanted to let us know the right path , so HE sent down Holy Quraan. As it is book of God, so it needs utmost respect and value. Each single word of Quraan counts for reward , when read. But all these facts have led us to read Quraan only for sake of reward or Ajar.

Being a common man, our relation to Quraan is just of ” need”. We read it when we are in trouble, when we want to pray, when we want our wish to be granted, when some one is ill or for sake of reward for any one dead. Even some scholars read just for sake of getting a bunch of supporting arguments. So that when they get into some discussion or argumentation ,they have supporting arguments from Quraan to make their point of view stronger than other one. And rest of them use it to scare people from wrath of ALLAH, hardship of dooms day etc. Those who have memorized Quraan and are known as Hafiz, have memorized only words and care about its tajweed.

Lets us see some other sides of Quraan too

According to statistics provided by researchers of Quraan and science, its said that.

1) There are 193 verses of Quraan about rights owed to ALLAH (huqooq-al-ALLAH)  and 283 verses about rights owed to fellow men or humanity (huqooq-al-ibaad).

2) And there are almost 850 verses in Quraan , which touch different fields of science. what those different fields of science are, which Quraan has mentioned :

  • Creation of heavens
  • Creation of earth
  • Creation of sun
  • Formation of water bodies ( oceans, seas etc)
  • Water cycle
  • Embryology
  • Creation of universe
  • Meteorology
  • Formation of seed, fruit and plants etc
  • psychology

and many more other aspects of natural as well as social sciences. those mentioned above are just a few of topic which Quran relates, there are many more. It does not means Quraan gives each and every single details of these topics. But it give hints, its our job to find out rest of the matter. it compels its reader at many places to search about nature, to know him self and his surroundings. it invites clearly us all, to investigate, to know, to search , to explore ,to observe and experiment every single bit of universe . So that human may be able to appreciate greatness of his creator.

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