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The Ramadhan Check list

by | Jun 6, 2014

 Assalam O alaikum Muslims! Today we have a must have Ramadhan checklist for every Muslim

So the month of June has begun and the countdown to start of the ramadhan is shrinking fast. Are you ready? I am so excited, can’t just wait for it to start. But there’s a little apprehension in my mind too. Because I don’t know if I am well prepared yet. Because I want to get the best out of this ramadhan Insha’a Allah. So, I wan’t to completely Cash this Blank cheque of Blessings; “The Ramadhan”. So I made Ramadhan checklist of Things to do before (as a practice) and during Ramadhan essentially. I hope it benefits me as well as whoever it reaches. Insha’a Allah.

So here we go:

The Ramadhan Checklist:

1. Discipline Should Be Added In Ramadhan Checklist:

Discipline is the key. Discipline yourself.So, Make a schedule and make your mind that you’ll stick to it.


Wake up half an hour before your suhoor time and Pray Tahajjud Prayer, after Suhoor While you’re waiting for the Adhan, do some Dhikr/ Read Quran. And Now make the intention to stick to this routine throughout the Ramadhan.

Remember! Your intention to follow the routine here, is what your focus should be on.

2. Ibadah (Worship / devotion)

Okay! So the Month of Ramadhan is all about IBADAH. Yes! We need to increase our Worship manifolds.And There are a lot of books that may mention the Best Sunnah Acts to be followed during Ramadhan, so the most rewarding, the most beneficial etc. I won’t talk about any of them here.Because My point is whatever form of Ibadah you do, just do it with more fervor, more devotion, and more frequency. So, You yourself should be able to tell the difference between your usual Ibadah routine and your Ramadhan Ibadah Routine.  Ramadhan checklist


Do some research beforehand. You don’t want to waste half of your ramadhan browsing for better and better duas, better and better still acts etc. So better do some research NOW and make yourself a chart of Ibadah Goals that you want to Follow during the Ramadhan.

3. Rights of Ummah upon you

Know that the Muhammadi Ummah has rights over you. And you need to fulfill those rights too.  Ramadhan checklist


You can amplify your own fast’s rewards by getting the rewards for others’ Fast as well. For example if you provide for the Suhoor or Iftar Food for at least one person everyday you’ll be rewarded for two fast every day. How cool and easy is that? Also you can put a little effort into being nice and hospitable towards others. Help your Muslim brethren and family members. Help mommy with some home chores or help daddy to fix the garden fence maybe? 😉    Ramadhan checklist

4. Bond with Quran

Qura’an was revealed in the month of Ramadhan. So ramadhan is the month of Quran. Try to read and UNDERSTAND Quran as much as you can. This is Essential. At least finish the recitation of one Quran during the ramadhan and start studying the tafseer and Translation of Quran along with it.


Start reading the Tafseer before the ramadhan starts , study Arabic Grammar so that you’re better able to Understand Quran in the ramadhan. [I found this website that teaches Arabic grammar, tajweed and recitation, pretty cool]  

5. Dua

Make as much Dua as you can. Dua is the most powerful tool you have with you. You have the Power to even change your destiny with your duas. What better time to utilize your powers than in the ramadhan?


Make dua after Every Salah. Make dua after Dhikr. Make dua after reading Quran. And Make dua after Every Adhan.

6. Follow the Sunnah In Ramadhan Checklist:

Smile It’s Sunnah 😉 So we Love our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and He the PBUH himself is the Beloved of Allah. So if we Follows His PBUH ‘s steps we’ll definitely get Closer to Allah.


Read a book on Seerah e Nabi / Sunnah e Nabwi  while you still have time to the ramadhan. 🙂

7. Gratitude and Steadfastness

Be thankful to Allah for his Immense blessings upon you , for all that you deserve and for all that you don’t even deserve. and stay committed and steadfast to your purpose of life. Imam Junayd Al-Baghdadi (RA) said,

“Steadfastness is greater than a thousand miracles.”


Like I said before discipline yourself for the Ramadhan. Do not tire yourself with excessive Ibadah in just the beginning of the Ramadhan ,  so that You’re not left with enough energy to do much in the remaining month.But Instead make a a schedule that you’re sure you’d be able to stick to for the whole month and follow it. 🙂

I’ll end this up with this inspiring quote from one of our scholar, Shaykh In’aam-ul-Hasan Kandehlawi (RA) said,

“Whoever lives their life as they do in Ramadhan, So then death will come to that person just as the moon of ‘Eid comes for the fasting person.”

May Allah Accepts all our efforts and Ignore all our Shortcomings Ameen! 🙂

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