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Love Of Mother

by | Nov 20, 2013

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Love of mother is priceless. I love you mom.

I am Kaleem ,Kaleem Ahmed. Who is living his life as an orphan since I was 16 years old? My father died when I had just entered my teens, then when I got sixteen, my mother had a second marriage ( she says she did it because of social pressure, as a widow cannot live peacefully in our society )and my stepfather refused to accept me.

It’s since then, I left my mother and never looked back. And why should I have been living with her? If she had loved me, she could have left her second husband instead of advising me to compromise with my stepfather.

Anyhow, after leaving home, life was pretty hard on me. Time kept on flying, somehow I managed to get a job in a company which works for old aged people. It provides caretakers or nurses for all sort of service of elderly people, on request.

Luck and Love of Mother:

I guess this is what’s called luck! never met my mother, never saw her even once since I left her. Not even when she called me on my stepfather’s death, she was alone and I was supposed to be her only support.

But now, There I have been appointed as a caretaker for my own mother by my company! then served her for a whole week, as my job duty. And now I am standing in front of her with a paper in my hand. Which tells all the services done and the charges due.

She was having her supper, with her napkin nicely wrappe+ around her. I placed the paper on the table, in front of her. After having her hands cleaned with a napkin, she picked up the paper, it said;

For watching out garden: 30$

Cleaning room daily: 25$

For driving you out: 25$

laundry washing: 10$

Medical facilities provided: 45$

Cooking and meal : 35$

Total owed: 160$

What is a Mother:

I am Tahira , umm-e- Kaleem. Who has been living her life as stray and derelict since the past few years? My first husband died when I was in the 13th year of my matrimonial relationship, leaving me with our only child “Kaleem”.

And when my son was 16, I had my second marriage. Which had to do because of the social pressure I was experiencing. As it was too hard for a young widow to live with a child in present society.  But my second husband refused to accept my son.

Somehow they both refused to accept each other. Kaleem was growing, and force in this age provokes a rebellious attitude.

I tried to convince him, to tolerate and compromise but he didn’t listen. Clashes between them continued to increase till, one day my child left home. It’s since then, I never saw my child.

Anyhow, after he left home life became pretty hard on me. Second husband soon left me, was alone again. Somehow I managed to live. Tried to bring back my son many times, but he refused to do so.

He said he is pretty happy and settled in his life. I just cried and cried on my fate, what if my son cared about happiness and settlement in his mother’s life too.

Luck of Mother:

I guess this is called luck! never met my son, never saw him even once since he left. Not even when I called him on my husband’s death, there I was alone and he was supposed to be my only support.

But now, my own son was appointed as my care taker by the company I requested. As I am old now, and after getting a mild heart attack, my doctor strictly advised me to stay at home and do not stay alone.

So I requested this firm, to provide me with a full time nurse . he served me for a whole week, as his job duty. And now he was standing in front of me with a paper in his hand. Which tells all the services done and the charges due.

I read it. And looked at him standing there , memories were flashing through my mind. Took the pen and turned over the page he had written on.

Mother started writing, Love of Mother:

For the nine months I carried you while you were growing inside me:
No Charge
All the nights that I’ve sat up with you, doctored and prayed for you:
It also has no Charge
For all the trying times, and all the tears that you’ve caused through the years:
No Charge
All the nights that were filled with dread, and for the worries I knew were ahead:
There is no Charge
For the toys, food, clothes, and even wiping your nose:
No Charge
Son, when you add it up, the cost of my love is:
Zero Charges.

When Kaleem  had read all that his mother had written, tears were floating in his eyes . he took the pen back and wrote in great bid letters ;


he could not control his emotions when he saw love of mother, and the river of tears he had been trying to absorb, just ran down his cheeks. Her mother, the poor old lady, dying of her thirsty motherhood , she was also weeping. And then they both got up and hugged each other.

They hugged so truly, that even angles looking down from heavens were smiling. For sure ALLAH subhana hu wa tala was showering HIS blessing on both of them.

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