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Fun Activities for Muslim Kids – 10 Ideas for Muslim Mom in the US

by | Jan 27, 2024

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Raising children in the US comes with its unique set of challenges and joys, especially for Muslim families striving to balance their cultural and religious heritage with the American way of life. Engaging kids in activities that are not only fun but also culturally enriching can be a rewarding experience. Here are ten fun activities for Muslim kids that every Muslim mom in the US should consider for a lively and educational time at home.

1. Crafting Islamic Art

Islamic Art Projects for Kids: Encourage your kids to explore their artistic side with Islamic art projects. This could range from creating geometric patterns, which are a staple in Islamic art, to drawing scenes from their favourite stories in the Quran. These activities are not just a blast; they’re also a subtle way to connect them with their heritage.

2. Cooking Halal Snacks Together

Easy Halal Snack Recipes: Why not whisk up some fun in the kitchen by preparing easy halal snack recipes together? Cooking is a fantastic way to bond, and it teaches kids valuable life skills. From making date balls to whipping up some savory samosas, the possibilities are endless and delicious!

3. Storytelling Sessions

Islamic Stories for Children: Gather around for storytelling sessions where you can share Islamic stories for children. Whether it’s tales of the prophets, Sahaba, or moral stories from the Hadith, these sessions are great for imparting valuable lessons and sparking their imagination.

4. Arabic Calligraphy Workshops

Dip into the beautiful world of Arabic calligraphy. This activity not only enhances their artistic skills but also helps them appreciate the beauty of the Arabic language. You can start with simple words like ‘Peace’ or ‘Love’ and gradually move to more complex phrases.

5. Science Experiments with an Islamic Twist

Science can be super fun, especially when you add an Islamic twist to it. Engage your kids in simple science experiments that also have a connection to Islamic history or principles. For instance, building a model of an ancient Islamic invention.

6. Islamic Quiz Games

Turn learning into a playful competition with Islamic quiz games. This can be a fantastic way to teach them about their faith and history interactively and excitingly. You can use board games, apps, or even DIY trivia cards.

7. Gardening: Growing Plants Mentioned in the Quran

 Quranic Plants Gardening Activity: Start a small garden and grow plants that are mentioned in the Quran, like olives or figs. This Quranic plants gardening activity is not just educational but also instills a sense of responsibility as they care for their plants.This one is my personal favourite out of all fun activities for Muslim Kids.

8. Hosting a Halaqa (Study Circle) for Kids

Organize a kids’ halaqa at your home where they can learn and discuss various aspects of Islam with their peers. It can be about stories of the prophets, understanding the Quran, or simply discussing ethical dilemmas and their solutions in Islam.

9. Volunteer Work

Instill the spirit of charity and community service by engaging in volunteer work. Whether it’s helping out at a local food bank or organizing a charity drive, these activities teach empathy and the importance of giving back. Kids of this time should definitely know the importance of Sadaqah in Islam

10. Celebrating Islamic Holidays with DIY Decorations

Get crafty and decorate your home for Islamic holidays. This is a fabulous way to get your kids excited about Eid, Ramadan, and other Islamic events. They’ll love creating banners, lanterns, and other decorations.


Incorporating fun activities for Muslim kids into everyday life is a great way for Muslim moms in the US to ensure that their children grow up with a strong sense of their cultural and religious identity. These activities are not just enjoyable but also deeply enriching, offering both the kids and the parents an opportunity to learn and grow together.


Q: How can I make Islamic stories more engaging for my kids?

A: Try using interactive storytelling methods like puppets, animated videos, or even enact the stories with them to make the experience more engaging.

Q: Are there any specific Islamic board games for kids?

A: Yes, there are several Islamic board games available that focus on various aspects of Islam, like history, prophets, and general knowledge.

Q: Can these activities be adapted for kids of different ages?

A: Absolutely! Most of these activities can be scaled up or down depending on the age and interest of the kids involved.

Q: How can I involve my kids more in volunteer work?

A: Start with simple projects like making care packages for the needy or visiting a nursing home. As they grow older, you can involve them in more structured volunteer programs.

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