Interesting Tips to Teach Quran to your Kids

by | Oct 8, 2012

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Many people ask how to teach Quran to kids. The answer can come is to send them to any mosque or Islamic centre or mosque or hire a Qari (Quran tutor) for them to teach them Quran. No matter it is traditional way to teach Quran but the World is too fast today, so are our kids. They are not willing to learn something by the traditional methods. Instead they need learning in an interactive way. They want learning accompanied with a fun time.

The traditional methods of teaching like teaching Quran from Qaida having same black and white script are not appealing for the children. Why not to teach them with an interactive , colorful and full of activity teaching methods that they also learn in their Montessori class in their school. It will not only a fun for them to learn the daily lessons but they will also learn it with interest. AlQuran Classes have developed some very interesting tips to teach your kid. Have a look on these tips

Tips to Teach Kids:

Teach your child in a friendly and appealing environment lets teach them in an interactive way.

1. Make two sets of card with Arabic alphabets on one side and blank from other side. Then play with them memory and matching games with those cards.

2. Make a special and colorful book for them to learn.

3. Keep the routine regular but short let it be once a day in weekdays and twice a day in holidays.

4. During the lesson praise your kids often, hug them and cuddle them a lot.

5. To teach the shapes of letters Fruits and veggies will be very useful.

6. Often make them to do paint and color in alphabets.

7.Special for Kids: 

Tell your kid that something very special will follow Quran time, like a good story or playtime with mom or a trip to park.

8. Recite small soorahs after lying down to bed. Start from first kalama.

9.Recite Surahs:

As you are advancing recite all small soorahs, ayat ul kursi, duae qanoot and kalmahs on the way to school in the morning . No matter you go to school by car or you walk, it takes no more then 12 minutes to recite all. If you don’t drop your kids at school, don’t worry this recitation could be done anywhere, any time, even on the swing.

10. Give your toddler some thing very special( it could be a toy, a game, an Islamic book, a trip to some where, a treat) when ever he memorise a new soorah or finish a juz of Quran

Be very patient and friendly to your kid so that he/she can learn freely.

But if you don’t have time because you work long hours and you can not give certain amount of time to your child them surprisingly you can simply avail an online Quran teaching opportunity for your kids and let them learn Quran right from your home. Now being a mother or father you don’t have to spare a good amount of time for them. The teachers at AlQuran Classes can teach your kids just like you can teach them. They are very friendly as well. See our teachers profile here.

AlQuran Classes understands the educational needs of kids and we follow such standards and rules that won’t let the child get bored while Learning Quran. And we have got qualified teachers from all over the world for this purpose Alhamdulilah!

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