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Top 5 Apps for Quran Learning Online

by | Oct 5, 2015

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Learn Quran Recitation Online With Quran Learning App

Being Muslims, we must strive to use the latest technology to enhance our Quran learning experience and Qoran tajwid. Nowadays, every one of us has an iPhone, iPad, or Android, and there are loads of apps to learn the Quran online. So in this post will discuss five online Quran learning app with features and available download links. However, you can download these apps and learn AlQuran online quickly.

Best Quran Learning App With Quran Tajwid:

  1. myQuran

myQuran is a comprehensive online Quran learning app with an excellent option for searching for root words from any Ayah. Therefore, this acts as an online Quran school and helps to understand the translation of some verses better. Other features include:

  • Online Quran recitation with an option to choose from 8 prominent reciters
  • Better Quran learning experience with translation
  • Hifz controls with an option to playback any verse which you choose.
  • Developing a good understanding of Quranic language with the help of Quran vocabulary list
  • Makharij view to practice Quran Tajweed online
  • However, you have an option of the custom folder, which lets you add all verses related to some specific topic. For example, if you want to collect all verses related to forgiveness, you can add them all by making a separate folder named forgiveness.

Some drawbacks of my Quran are:

  • Bookmarks option is difficult to use
  • If you want to use it on different iOS devices, you need to buy this Quran learning app twice

You can download my Quran for iOS and Android.

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2. Quran Majeed

Quran Majeed is a great app that acts as an online Quran school by providing a good collection of reciters, translation of the Holy Quran in various languages, and a comprehensive search option to search for any root word or verse easily. Prominent features include:

  • Providing Quran translation in 45 different languages making your Quran learning experience easy and understandable.
  • Excellent bookmarking option with synchronization option, which allows you to access bookmarks on any iOS device.
  • Easy to zoom in/out the option to better view the holy Quran.
  • Hifz controls will enable you to prevent the repetition of any particular verse and speed recitation controls.
  • Allows you to use this Quran learning app in airplay mode.
  • A search option allows searching any verse, root word, or even any text from the English translation.
  • Option to highlight some particular verse or Quranic word during recitation.
  • An additional Prayer times option which the Adhan alarm option.

But there are also some drawbacks of Quran Majeed, which include:

This app allows you to scroll down while reading the Holy Quran instead of having a proper Mushaf view.

Download Quran Majeed for iOS and Android. 

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3. Quran Memorizer Pro

Quran Memorizer Pro is a nice Quran learning app that allows you to navigate the actual holy Quran. It gives you an impression of the actual holy Quran with an option to learn the Holy Quran in one page or two pages style. Other features include:

  • Easy navigation option to quickly read the Holy Quran
  • Option to play audio loops and allows you to prevent the Phone from going to sleep mode.
  • A simple and interactive interface.
  • This app is specially designed to keep visually impaired or blind people in mind. It allows using VoiceOver mode for easy access.
  • It has translation options in 5 different languages.
  • Allows you to easily place a bookmark and add some notes to any bookmark for future reference.
  • The straightforward layout of the Holy Quran reflects the same design as the Quran found in mostly masjids.

You can download the Quran Memorizer Pro app for iOS.

4. iQuran

iQuran is a beautiful app with Quran Tajweed learning rules, stop signs, and Quran supplications letting you learn Duas from the Holy Quran. I found iQuran as the best Quran learning app among these five. And I will prefer it because of the Tajweed option it provides. Other options include:

  • Reminder to read Surah al-Kahf on Fridays
  • Supplications from the Holy Quran. You can learn Duas from the Holy Quran on topics such as forgiveness, faith, parenting, family, increase in knowledge and provisions, and thanking Allah, etc.
  • It has a stop sign option that explains various stop signs used while reading the Holy Quran.
  • Tajweed rules are explained with the help of color codes making your online Quran learning experience enjoyable.
  • providing landscape and portrait view of the translation of the Holy Quran in more than 35 languages
  • Place countless bookmarks, share any verse on social media or via email or SMS too. You may select some specific verse by highlighting it and view translation from other translators.
  • You can skip some verse, play it backward, repeat it the number of times you wish to repeat, or even play non-stop verse recitation by various reciters.

But some Drawbacks of iQuran are:

  • It would be best if you repurchase it for various iOS devices.
  • No mushaf view

Download iQuran for iPhone or Android.

5. Quran Plus

Quran Plus allows you to study the translation of the Holy Quran word by word, thus enhancing your knowledge of the Holy Quran. Moreover, it’s easy to navigate and allows various options:

  • It includes different Surah and verse views, including the Uthmani Mushaf, Indo Pak Mushaf, verse by verse view, and word by word view.
  • Allows you to study the themes of the Holy Quran
  • Mix and match option allowing you to match any Arabic reciter with an English translation or Urdu one.
  • It has color-coded Tajweed rules for online Quran learning.
  • Hifz memorization was made easy with the help of Hifz mode.
  • Record your audio, and it will sync your voice with the Holy Quran.

Quran Plus is available for download on iOS and Android.

Hopefully, the apps mentioned above will enhance your online Quran learning experience. You may use them anywhere because these apps will act as an online Quran school by providing you options to listen to the Holy Quran, in-depth study of the Holy Quran, or simply recitation of the Holy Quran.

If you want to learn Quran recitation online or learn Quran Tajweed, you can join our online Quran Courses. Registration is Free with three days FREE trial.

Please share this article so that every one of us has a Quran learning app on our phones and remember me in your Duas 🙂


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