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Always keep the connection with Allah ‘ON’

by | Jun 10, 2010

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Sometimes we get so involved in worldly affairs that we don’t bring Almighty Allah in our matters. We forget Him.We forget that He is our Creator, without Him we are nothing,to Him we belong and to Him we shall return.There are many instances in which man loses his connection with Allah.

Most common types:

1-When he is committing a sin, and he might be aware of it. but Satan continues to deceive him from the way of Allah and makes him believe that he is on the right track. So, The person in this state satisfies his lusts by deluding himself and doesn’t think about abandoning that sin.

As time passes his heart turns stiff, and consequently, Allah becomes his heart from light to the darkness. A person in this condition no matter how much he justifies his acts. somewhere in the corner of his heart fears that he is being led astray by his vain desires. But still evil dominates his form, and he loses his connection with Allah (SWT), and Allah forgets Him too.

Allah says;

”Then do you remember me I will remember you.” 

(Al Quran:2:152)

2-Now the second instance is, when Allah blesses him with wealth,children and might on Earth. He gets proud and and forgets Allah’s favors on him when he was weak in the land and Allah provided Him with honor and dignity.He starts thinking that its his accomplishment and hard work that he reached this status.

These things make him forget Allah and His connection with Allah breaks.

Tips on Staying connected

1-One should daily recite the invocations for morning and evening after fajr and maghrib respectively.

2-Reading Quran daily and gaining wisdom from its verses by proper understanding.The understanding couuld be made proper if a tafsir is used.

3-Try to bring khushu and khusu in your prayers.

4-Prevent yourself from ”riya”(showoff) which is a shirk-e-khafee (hidden shirk) and its a minor form of shirk.Any person who does shirk,his good deeds get washed away.

5-Making Loads of Duas. Present all your wishes in front of Him because He is the only one who listen to His slaves. And then soothe your heart by the feeling that since you have confided in Him,you have involved Him in your matters.Things will become easy for you.

6-Whenever Allah gives you something as per your wish, think about those who haven’t even got a morsel to eat and do spend some in His way.

7-Always be humble and never under estimate anyone who is inferior to you in looks or status etc.

8-Always keep yourself active. Waste your energies in calling people to the way of Allah i.e recognize your status as a daee,for every Muslim should be a daee.

9-Do the supererogatory acts of worship to get closer to Allah.

10-Fasting helps us to stay away from sins, therefore fast alot.

The list actually goes on but these are the very important tips that I think help  in keeping our connection with Allah.Because in any condition whether we are standing,sitting or eating we should always think about Allah and thank Him for His countless blessings.And We should never turn this connection with Him off.

“Those who believe, and whose hearts find comfort in the remembrance of Allah!. ” Behold in the Remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction.”


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