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Value of Life in Islam

by | Feb 1, 2016


Times are not always the same. Ups ad downs are part of life; in fact, they increase the beauty and value of life. Humans often get exhausted if put on a trial for a longer time. Some of us have enough stamina and survive longer in harsh times.

But some of us get disappointed too early to such an extent that some forget the value of life and attempt suicide! The value of life is not that minimal, brothers and sisters in Islam! On the other hand, we find the other extreme, where people do not value the life of others.

Killing or wasting life is something ordinary. The human race is becoming the reason for its decline. It’s a point of sheer amazement for me when I see the climax of human development resulting in disastrous inventions. We have explored the science of nuclear physics and used nuclear weapons for our benefit and defence. And sometimes, we do not fear testing these weapons on our very own kind!

I think that’s the reason the world needed religion alongside science. That’s why ALLAH told us to value our and others’ lives:

“Because of that, we decreed for the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain humankind entirely. And whoever saves one is as if he had saved humankind entirely.” 

Once he wanted to know the value of life, he decided to ask Allah

So he went to God and asked, “What’s the value of life?”

Value Of Life As A Precious Stone:

God gave him one stone and said, “To get an answer to your question, first you have to find out the value of this stone, but keep in mind, don’t sell it.”

The man took the stone to an Orange Seller and asked what its cost would be.

The Orange Seller saw the shiny stone and said,

“it looks beautiful; you can take 12 oranges and give me the rock.”

The man apologized and said God had asked him not to sell it.

He went ahead and found a vegetable seller.

“What could be the value of this stone?”

he asked the vegetable seller. The seller saw the shiny stone and said,

“See, it’s beautiful but still rock. So I can offer you one sack of potatoes in return for this rock.”

The man again apologized and said he couldn’t sell it.

Further ahead, he went into a jewelry shop and inquired about the stone’s value.

The jeweler saw the stone under a lens and said,

“I’ll give you 50 Lakhs for this rock.”

When the man shook his head, the jeweler said,

“Alright, alright, take two crores, but give me the rock.”

The man explained that he couldn’t sell the stone. Then, further ahead, the man saw a precious stone shop and asked the seller the value of this rock.

When the precious stone dealer saw the big ruby, he lay down a red cloth and put the ruby on it. Then he walked the ruby in circles, bent down, and touched his head in front of the ruby.

“Where did you bring this priceless ruby from?” he asked. “Even if I sell the whole world and my life, I won’t be able to purchase this priceless stone.

Returned to Question

Stunned and confused, the man returned to God and told him what had happened. “Now tell me, what is the value of life, God?

God said, “The answers you got from the Orange Seller, the Vegetable Seller, the Jeweler & the Precious Stone’s Seller explain the value of our life… You may be a precious stone, even priceless. Still, people may evaluate you based on their level of information, belief in you, motive behind entertaining you, ambition, and risk-taking ability. But don’t fear; you will surely find someone who will discern your real value.”

Every single one of you is precious to ALLAH! Respect yourself! You are Unique! No one can Replace you!


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