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Taraweeh Prayers Benefits

by | May 18, 2015

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In Ramazan, muslims perform additional prayers  that is called Taraweeh Prayers.  After Isha these prayers are performed. These have 20 rakat. After Iftar (breaking of fast) the blood glucose level continues to rise from the food ingested. Just before the Iftar meals, the blood glucose and insulin levels are at their lowest level.

After an hour or so after the Iftar meal, the blood glucose begins to rise and also plasma insulin. Liver and the muscles take up the circulating glucose. The blood sugar reaches high levels in an hour or two and the benefits of Taraweeh prayers come into effect. The circulating glucose is metabolized into carbon dioxide and water during the Tarawih prayers.

Hence this Prayer help in expending the extra calories and improve flexibility, coordination, reduce stress-related autonomic responses in healthy persons, and relieve anxiety and depression.

1) Metabolic Effects of Taraweeh Prayers:

Salat enhances body weight control and consume calories without proportionate increment in appetite. Iftar and Sahur suppers, joins by the Taraweeh prayers, need to accomplish weight decrease. This will reduce both fat and body weight, yet without fat weight will stay consistent or may even increment slightly. Thus in Ramadan one must not over eat at the Sahur and Iftar suppers and keep on performing Salat. So as to lose a percentage of the weight.

2) Mental Health of Taraweeh prayers:

It is common that exercise helps to improve the quality of life, reduces anxiety and depression. improves memory with continuous repetition of ayat(verses). This steady repetition of the Quranic Ayaat help to screen the see any problems from the approaching considerations.


Islam is the main religion where physical developments of Salat and Taraweeh prayers  are joined with spiritual exercise. At the point when Salat and Taraweeh prayer are polish all through a man’s life, repeating like clockwork or somewhere in the vicinity, prepares a man to embrace the troublesome assignment of reflection amid physical moves of Salat and Taraweeh prayers, so that the Namazi(one who performs the Salat) advantages both from spiritual as well as physical exercise. Nafl and Taraweeh prayers all through life get security and a beneficial outcome regarding wellbeing and life span.

Therefore, Salat, Sunnah, Nafl and Tarawih prayers are vital for Muslims to safeguard life and their attractive qualities into maturity.

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