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I Am Beautiful

by | Jan 15, 2013

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Looking into mirror I was thinking, what if ALLAH had made my complexion a bit fair, my lips pouty and pink, and eyes must be shiny, almond shaped and big. Oh! Look at my nose, why isn’t it as cute as Barbie. Why I am so disfigured, I have such an irregular figure; no outfit suits me no matter what ever I wear. Today I was wearing such a beautiful dress in party but no one passed a comment of praise to me. And the most depressing moment was when I heard my fellows gossiping about me “oh! Look at her, I wonder why she destroys beauty of that dress by wearing it, even that dress can’t hide her ugliness”.  Why ALLAH has been so unfair with me.

Stop Comparing Yourself:

My sister is so beautiful, why not me? My cousin, she has most pretty eyes ever, then why are mine so dull. These depressive thoughts made a tear drop flow out of my (ugly) eye and ran down my boney cheek. I was always got dishearten whenever I had a look at mirror, its reflection wasn’t as cheerful for me as for others. Suddenly I felt a gentle pressure on my shoulder. I turned my neck, it was my mother. She was the only one who loved me so far.

My mother wiped that tear and said, “You are beautiful to me, but you must know you are beautiful to yourself. Keep in mind, true beauty isn’t on your face, in the eye of beholder. Which means, how much you are beautiful is always subjective to who is looking at you. Secondly ALLAH can’t be unfair with you. He is just and unbiased with all. If you are created likewise, try to feel specialty in yourself and always be thankful to HIM for whatever you have got. You must believe in your self and confidently say I AM BEAUTIFUL.”

A beautiful hadith explains the whole summary of this story in a very precise manner.

From ‘Abdullah ibn Mas’ud radiallahu ‘anhu who said that the Prophet sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said,

“No one will enter Paradise who has an atom’s weight of pride in his heart.” A man said, “What if a man likes his clothes to look good and his shoes to look good?” He said, “Allah is beautiful and loves beauty. Pride means denying the truth and looking down on people.” [Related by Muslim #131]

Stay away from negative thoughts:

There are people who are in habit of under estimating or cursing themselves. Especially when it comes to comparison with some apparently better than them, they are often unhappy with their looks. It is all because we, our self, think like that. No other person can make one feel inferior without one’s own consent. not a single person can say you ugly till the time you keep on saying to your self “I AM BEAUTIFUL”. And keep in mind, personality begins where comparison ends.

Such negative thoughts have a very deleterious and have bad impact on one’s personality. A person becomes shy, demotivated, and insecure. Inferiority complexes always destroy one’s personality. The best solution to this problem is to look towards the people even below your level. To have an ugly nose or eye is much better than not to have one. So you must believe in yourself. And always keep thanking to ALLAH, for whatever and how ever HE has created you. What if your eyes are not most beautiful but still you have beautiful hair.

Self Confidence:

There are many in the world to have hair like yours. It might be the case you don’t have a fair complexion but your hands are a lot more beautiful than those of the girl having fair complexion So it would be very unfair to forget about all the other blessings of ALLAH in complain about one single thing.

The Qur’ân al-karîm declares,

“We created human beings in the best from.” (Sûrat-ut-Tîn, 4)

Self-esteem creates natural highs. Knowing that you’re beautiful in yourself helps you to love more. Knowing that you’re important helps you to make a difference to others. Knowing that you are capable empowers you to create more. Having trust in one’s self is a great thing to do. This self-confidence matters a lot. But dilemma is, not every one of us is able to attain it. Often people are uncertain about their looks.

Allah Created everything beautiful:

Everything that ALLAH has created is beautiful, so He loves all that He has created and we should love all that He has created and not hate anything .Every single being is created unique by ALLAH.  No one is identical to other, even the twins do have something in different. But not all of us are able to appreciate this uniqueness. The reason is, we focus on comparison, not the uniqueness. What we have to do here is, to think that If ALLAH almighty has created us different than others, there must be some logic, some purpose behind it. Try to find out that purpose, dig out that special hidden magic in yourself.

It is declared in the Holy Qur’an,

“Allah created everything beautifully.” (Sûrat-us-Sajdah, 7)

when ALLAH subhana hu wa tala HIM self declares His creation,  YOU beautiful, then what is the reason left behind to have inferiority complex?

So have faith in ALLAH, and keep thanking for the beauty provided by HIM. And whenever any disheartening thought comes to your mind, close your eyes, take deep breath and say


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