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How to become a Hafiz of Quran?

by | Dec 26, 2022

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Every Muslim wants to become Hafiz of Quran to please Allah Almighty and to get a reward in worldly life and Hereafter. 

What does Hafiz of Quran mean?

Hafiz of Quran is the person who memorizes the Quran and can recite it by heart. Hafiz is synonymous with “Keeper” or “Guardian,” meaning “Memorization” and against forgetting. 

How to Become Hafiz of Quran 

There are a few tips on how to become Hafiz of Quran, 

  • Pure intention 

Purify the intention that the purpose of becoming Hafiz of Quran is to please Allah Almighty. And Make sure that your purpose is not to show off in front of people. There is no reward for memorizing or reciting the Quran for people’s sake. 

  • Seek Allah’s help. 

Your effort will be counted, but you cannot do anything without Allah’s help. Before achieving any goal, pray from Allah and seek help to make that easier. 

  • Focus on Pronunciation and Recitation 

Focus on the Quranic Alphabet pronunciation and reciting verses of the Holy Quran. 

  • Know Tajweed Well

Learn the Tajweed rules, i.e., Noon Saakinah, Laam Saakinah, and Meem Saakinah, before starting Quran Hifz. 

  • Revise Regularly

The Quran was revealed in Arabic, and it is hard for us to become Hafiz of Quran. The best method to become a hafiz of Quran and memorize it for an extended period is to revise it many times a day.

  • Understand the meaning of Ayats

Understand the significance of the verses and know how they are connected while becoming Hafiz of Quran. Learning the meaning of the verses is essential for Hafiz of Quran, and it increases the rewards of memorizing the Quran

  • Learn the Arabic Language 

Learning the Arabic language is a better way to understand the meaning of the Holy Book. You will know what you are reading, understand the meaning and act upon Allah’s message. 

  • Avoid Distractions

Choose a peaceful place to Hifz Quran, as it will maintain the focus because the focus is mandatory for Quran memorization. Either learn or listen to the online Quran recitation, sit in a quiet room and keep your attention on Quranic verses. 

  • Make Consistency 

To become Hafiz of Quran, you must be consistent and set a schedule with complete focus. The more repeatedly you recite and learn the Quran, achieving your goal becomes accessible. 

  • Get help from Quran Teacher

Get help from the Quran Teacher or the Ustadh to become a Hafiz of Quran. It will help you to learn the proper rules of Tajweed and the Pronunciation of the Quranic words. It is much better to visit Madrassah, mosque, or any Religious institute. 

  • Online Quran Teacher

If you are stuck in your hectic routine or unable to visit any physical institute, then Online Quran classes is the best choice. AlQuranClasses Organized Online Hifz Quran course with the help Quran teacher Online to help you in the journey of becoming Hafiz of Quran. 

Value of Hafiz of Quran in Islam

Becoming a Hafiz of Quran is a physical, mental, and spiritual journey to build a better relationship between you and Allah. 

There are uncountable blessings of becoming a Hafiz of Quran. Some of them are as follows, 

  • Honorable person 

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) says that the most honorable among His Ummah are those who memorize Quran. He (SAW) wanted us to recite and learn the Holy Quran. 

 خَيْرُكُمْ مَنْ تَعَلَّمَ الْقُرْآنَ وَعَلَّمَهُ 

“The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.”

(Sahih Bukhari) 

  • Recite and Rise 

Allah will be asked the person on the Day of Judgement to recite the Quran. They will climb Heaven as they begin the recitation and stop at their place in Jannah when they finish it. 

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said,  

“It will be said to the one who learned the Quran/held fast on the Quran, ‘Recite and ascend and recite just as you would recite in the world, for your abode (in Jannah) will be the last verse you recite.” 

  • Earn Rewards for your Parents

When one recites the Quran and acts upon the Quran’s teachings, Allah Almighty promises glowing crowns and beautiful garments in Jannah for their Parents. 

The one who recites the Quran and acts upon it, on the Day of Judgement, his parents will wear a crown whose light is better than the light of the sun had it been in the dwellings of the world, so what do you think (of the reward) of the person himself.”

  • Protection in World and HereAfter

Hafiz of Quran will be protected in Duniya and the Hereafter. It connects you with Allah and Deen and protects you from evil acts and shaitan. 

I heard the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) saying,

“Read the Qur’an, for it will come as an intercessor for its reciters on the Day of Judgement.”

Some FAQs about Hafiz of Quran 

  • Who was the first Hafiz of the Quran?

The first Hafiz of the Quran is the Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (SAW), since the first revelation was revealed to Him. He was named “Sayyid al-Huffaz” as the first Hafiz of Quran. 

  • First Female Hafiz of Quran

The first female hafiz was Um al Momineen Hafsa bint-e-Umar (Radhi Allahu Anha), daughter of Caliph Umar bin Khattab and the wife of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). She was the first woman Hafiz of Quran.

  • Is It Obligatory To Memorize Quran?

It is not obligatory, but Muslims should learn some of the Quran so that they can recite it in their prayer by heart.


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