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Hijab Dilemma. Beautifully Solved

by | Apr 17, 2014

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I found this awe-inspiring story of a Muslim Sister. How she Got herself to start wearing Hijab. And How it changed her life Completely. 🙂 Here I am gonna retell it for you. 🙂

Hijab Dilemma

Sister Aziza was at her High School Studying in a Non-Muslim Majority school in the US. when She started pondering about her Hijab. She was a Muslim. and Almost all of her friends know that. Primarily because of her Fasting habits in the month of Ramadan. Almost all her friends ask her why she wouldn’t eat. and She’ll explain to them how and Why Muslims Observed Fasting in this month everywhere. This, however, was the only Information that her friends had about Islam. Since it never occurs to her to tell them about her religion. Hijab dilemma

At first

It was Ramadan that she started considering wearing Hijab seriously. She wanted to do this but She was Confused, Nervous, apprehensive, scared of taking this step. She wasn’t sure how her friends and fellows would react to her change of appearance. and she thought it best to postpone it till her College. Inside her heart and mind, however, battled hard with each other. She knew she shouldn’t delay it. but she just couldn’t find the courage to embrace it either. Finally, she decided to wait till the sophomore year to start it. but a few days later, sophomore seemed like ages to come too. So finally she gathered all her courage and decided to talk to her class about it first.

She asked her teacher to allow her to talk to the class for 5 minutes. Her teacher very gladly and curiously allowed her. So in every class that day Aziza would walk up to the dais and start talking about Islam and women’s rights and duties in Islam. She explained what was Hijab and why she needed to wear it. Her fellows listened to her attentively and amazed. they approved of her and her decision and even asked her to show them how she wore it. all her fellows approved of her and her new appearance wholeheartedly. She did the same in each and every one of her classes that day. Hijab dilemma

The Day When Hijab Started:

Soon the word spread throughout the school. and people started congratulating her. and appreciating her even before she’d put her Hijab on. She was relieved, happy, amazed, and grateful to Allah. Finally, the day came when she wrapped herself up in her Hijab and Walked in through the doors of the school. Hijab dilemma

She felt nervous again all of a sudden her blood rushed to her cheeks. and she felt the heat of every eye upon herself. this however soon turned out to be just her speculation. because soon her friends and fellows start greeting her in the same usual, friendly manner. Even a few Muslim girls that she didn’t even know walked up to her congratulated her. They appreciated what she was doing. and told her how much they admire her. how much they supported her and how they wish they had the willpower she had. Masha Allah 🙂

True Words of Sister:

Here I would share with you the true words of Sister Aziza.

“The decision I made that day is one I will never regret Insha Allah. Since then, despite some of the obstacles that were thrown in my path. I have been the happiest girl alive. Many other Muslim girls have told me how I’ve inspired them and they wish to be more practice.

These positive comments only motivate me to work harder and become an even better Muslim. these comments show me I am on the right path and insha’Allah will stay on it. I thank Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala for the strength to do this. the guidance He has given me. and this personality, which has helped me have these qualities where people respect me. admire me and look up to me. And I also thank Him for giving me the mentality in which I do not care what others think. I solely care what He thinks. ” Hijab dilemma

Subhan Allah.!!!!! 🙂

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