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Hijab Dilemma. Beautifully Solved

by | Apr 17, 2014

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Wearing the Hijab can be a significant step for many Muslim women, and it often involves overcoming various internal and external challenges. Sister Aziza’s decision to speak about Islam and her reasons for wearing the Hijab dilemma in her classes demonstrated her dedication to educating others about her faith and dispelling misconceptions.

It’s touching to know that her friends and fellow students were supportive and encouraging, which shows the power of understanding and open-mindedness. Her story exemplifies the importance of standing firm in one’s beliefs and being true to oneself, regardless of the opinions of others.

Story of Hijab Dilemma

An awe-inspiring story of a Muslim sister named Aziza. She was studying in a non-Muslim majority high school in the US. Aziza’s friends knew she was a Muslim primarily because of her observance of fasting during Ramadan. However, she had never explicitly shared much about her religion with them.

During Ramadan, Aziza started contemplating wearing the Hijab dilemma seriously. She felt both Confused and Nervous about taking this significant step. The thought of how her friends and classmates would react to her change of appearance made her apprehensive. She initially considered postponing it until college, but her heart and mind were conflicted. While she knew she shouldn’t delay, finding the courage to embrace the Hijab Dilemma was challenging.

Finally, Aziza decided to take a bold step and share her decision with her class. She requested her teacher’s permission to speak for 5 minutes about Islam, women’s rights, and the significance of the Hijab Dilemma. With curiosity and support from her teacher, she spoke passionately in each of her classes that day. Her fellow students listened attentively and were amazed by her explanation. They wholeheartedly approved of her decision and even asked her to show them how she wore the Hijab Dilemma.

Word of Aziza’s choice spread quickly throughout the school, and people began congratulating and appreciating her even before she had put on the Hijab. On the day she finally adorned the Hijab Dilemma and walked through the school’s doors, she felt a rush of nervousness, wondering how others would react. However, to her relief, her friends and classmates greeted her in the same friendly manner as always. Even some Muslim girls whom she had never known came forward to congratulate and appreciate her. They admired her willpower and determination.

Aziza herself expressed her thoughts on this transformative journey, saying, “The decision I made that day is one I will never regret, Insha Allah. Despite the obstacles in my path, I have been the happiest girl alive. Many other Muslim girls have told me how I’ve inspired them and they wish to be more practicing. These positive comments motivate me to work harder and become an even better Muslim. They reassure me that I am on the right path, and with Allah’s guidance, I will stay on it. I am thankful to Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala for giving me the strength, guidance, and qualities that garner respect, admiration, and inspiration from others. I prioritize caring about what He thinks rather than worrying about others’ opinions.”

Indeed, the story of Sister Aziza is Subhan Allah (glory be to Allah) and serves as a testament to the transformative power of faith and the positive impact one person can have on others. May her journey continue to inspire and lead others on the path of righteousness.


The true words of Sister Aziza reflect her gratitude and humility in her faith journey. Her focus on seeking Allah’s approval above all else is a valuable lesson for all Muslims. Her positive impact on others and their admiration for her dedication to her beliefs illustrate the significance of leading by example and inspiring others through our actions.

May Sister Aziza continue to be a source of inspiration for her peers and may her faith journey be filled with blessings and success. Subhan Allah indeed!

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