Happiness is to Learn Quran in Ramadan

by | Apr 18, 2019

Ramadan could be your turning point for you and your family. Imagine all the blessings and peace it could bring to your home for the rest of the year. All these online Quran courses are designed for adults or children and are one-to-one, at the convenience of your time and place.

AlQuran Classes offers these Online Quran Courses:

1. Beginner:

Learn to recognize and read the Arabic Alphabet letters and combine them with vowels in their different forms. Develop your Arabic accent by applying the lessons to actual words and verses from the Quran.

2. Tajweed Rules:

Learn the rules of Tajweed and use them in each class by practicing reading the Quran with your teacher. Start by letter recognition, master your Arabic letters pronunciation, and then move up to more advanced rules from Noorani Qaida and Tajweed book. By the end of this course, you will recite the Holy Quran by applying all Tajweed rules. These lessons are suitable for adults and children.

3. Quran Memorization:

Memorize Quran at your own pace with the guidance of a Hafiz teacher who will adjust your recitation and take it up to the next level.

4. Hadith:

Inspire your family and children to learn about Islam and our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through his wise sayings. Get them to know their purpose in life and love living the Islamic way through our Prophet’s guidance.

5. Quran Recitation:

Perfect your Quran recitation regarding Tajweed rules by reading to a skilled teacher who will give you instant feedback and guidance.

6. Arabic Grammar:

Learn to read, write and speak in Arabic as well as practice conversing in everyday situations.

7. Dua Memorization:

Remain connected to your creator all day and learn which prayers to say when you wake up, before you sleep, after praying, and many more.

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