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female quran tecaher

Esraa Ghanem

Professional Summary

Experienced Quran Teacher with over 4 years of expertise in teaching Quran, Tajweed, and Islamic Studies to diverse groups of students, including non-Arabic speakers. Skilled in creating interactive and engaging lesson plans tailored to individual learning styles and levels. Committed to fostering a supportive and understanding learning environment that encourages spiritual growth and academic excellence. Proficient in utilizing a variety of educational tools and resources to enhance the learning experience and ensure comprehensive understanding of the Quran and Islamic principles. Dedicated to continuous improvement through regular evaluations and effective communication with parents and students.


  • Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, KFS University
  • Ijazah in Noor Al Bayan (Arabic and English) from Quran Native Academy
  • Ijazah in Tajweed Rules (Arabic and English) from Quran Native Academy
  • Completed Al Qaidah Al Nourania course
  • Studied Al Jazariyyah
  • Memorized the entire Quran
  • Currently reciting with my teacher to obtain Ijazah
  • Completed a course on “Preparing Online Tutors to Teach Reading the Holy Quran to Non-Arabic Speakers”
  • Attended a lecture on “The Skills of Trial Lesson and Reasons for Its Success”
  • Attended a lecture on “How to Determine the Level of Holy Quran Students”

Teaching Experience

    • Volunteer Teacher at Non-Arabic Maqra’ah
      • Provided Quran instruction to non-Arabic speaking students
    • Quran Teacher for Arabic Children
      • Taught Quran recitation and memorization to Arabic-speaking children
    • Offline Quran and Tajweed Teacher
      • Conducted in-person classes focusing on Quranic recitation and Tajweed rules


      • Quranic Recitation and Tajweed
        • Expertise in teaching accurate Quranic recitation and proper application of Tajweed rules.
      • Bilingual Instruction
        • Proficient in delivering lessons in both Arabic and English, catering to diverse student backgrounds.
      • Curriculum Development
        • Skilled in creating engaging and effective lesson plans tailored to different learning levels and styles.
      • Interactive Teaching Methods
        • Utilizes a variety of educational tools and interactive methods to enhance student engagement and understanding.
      • Student Assessment
        • Experienced in evaluating student progress through regular assessments and providing constructive feedback.
      • Patience and Communication
        • Demonstrates strong communication skills and patience, fostering a supportive and encouraging learning environment.
      • Cultural Sensitivity
        • Sensitive to the cultural and religious backgrounds of students, ensuring a respectful and inclusive teaching approach.
      • Technology Integration
        • Proficient in using online platforms and educational software to deliver remote and in-person instruction effectively.