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Concept of Good Governance in Islam

by | Sep 30, 2016

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Before going to the concept of good governance in Islam, we must know what governance is. Governance is the regulation and delivery of duties and rights as per policies; thus, good governance implies delivering these duties in the best manner. Islam, a complete code of life, provides guidelines about economic, social, political, and governance systems.

The Islamic system of Good Governance:

It is the system that advocates immunity from corruption and social injustice. Adal is the basis of the Islamic sound governance system, meaning justice, and its ultimate goal is the welfare of the masses. Both of these properties of good governance in Islam are also adopted by modern good governance concepts. In the modern concept of good governance, institutional infrastructure is more attention-worthy than the leadership and political structure of the governance system. However, in the Islamic concept of good governance, we will observe that its leadership will guide the institutional infrastructure.

Islam provides good governance guidelines, but proper exemplary models of good governance are present in the Quran. (Did you know that before? Nopes! I didn’t know too! The reason is we never rationally read Quran. We never even try to read it with translation. Join our Quran recitation course for a better understanding of the Quran).

Models of good governance in Islam are pragmatic, which ensures serving the masses being governed.

So, the Basic sources of the concept of good governance in Islam are three follows:

  1. Good governance model in Quran.
  2. Prophet Muhammad’s (P.B.U.H) good governance model.
  3. The good governance model of rightly guided caliphs.

Models of Good Governance in the Quran:

Allah mentions the names of 26 Prophets and Messengers in the Quran. There are three major categories of Messengers of Allah:

  1. Those who did not rule their nation in their time.
  2. Who ruled by overthrowing false and evil rulers of their time.
  3. Who got blessed with prophecy and all political powers.

All these messengers of Allah gave some vital components of good governance for the coming generations to follow.

Good Governance of Prophets:

Not to mention all the following are some models of good governance of prophets.

  1. Model of Prophet Dhul Qarnayn (a.s)
  2. Model of Prophet Daud (a.s)
  3.  A model of Prophet Musa (a.s)
  4. Model of Prophet Talut (a.s)
  5. Model of Prophet Suleman (a.s)
  6. A complete model of Prophet Yousuf (a.s)
  7. Model of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)

(click the topic to see details of the respective prophetic model)

All these models have some familiar people maintained along with their distinct features and flavor. In addition, each model’s main character (the Prophet) bears some unique leadership qualities, which prove crucial for institutional development in the model. So, If one teaches public administration, the other teaches the rule of law and order. The concept of equality elaborates on freedom of speech, and others tell about holding a system of unbiased accountability. So all of the necessary components of the modern concept of good governance explained in the Quran, 1400 years ago, with the help of Prophets (a.s), happened many centuries ago.

That is why the Quran repeatedly says that it contains signs, lessons, and wisdom for those who seek it.

The topic is very long; we dedicate a whole blog to each model to better understand our readers. Links for the next part of the document are at the end of each article. The very first prophetic model of good governance is of Prophet Zulqarnain.

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