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Bismillah! When, Where, and Why.

by | Mar 11, 2014

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Bismillah meaning:

Sayyidina Jaabir (RA) is reported to have said that when Bismillah hir Rahman Nir Raheem revealed. The clouds gave way by moving to the East; the winds ceased blowing. The oceans became calm; the creatures prepared themselves to listen. 

The Shaytaan got pelted with fire from the heavens and Allah Ta’ala; swearing an oath by His honor, declared.

 So, anyone who says this name of mine (i.e. Rahman Nir Raheem) upon anything. I will surely impart barakah in that thing;(Durre Manthoor and Ibne Katheer).

What Does Bismillah Mean:

In Durre Manthoor Sayyidina Ibne Umar (RA) is reported as saying that surely;

whenever Jibreel (AS) used to bring Wahee to Rasoolullah (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-Wa Sallam); he used to first recite Bismillah hir Rahmaan Nir Raheem.

After attestation to faith (shahadah); the most cardinal and often-repeated phrase that Muslims use is Bismillah hir- Rahman Nir-Rahim. 

Because the invocation has from the beginning occupied an important and special place in Muslim piety and practice.

Purpose of the Bismilah:

Of the many good practices implemented by Islam is that a person should begin all their activities in the Name of Allah.

 So, Reciting Bismilah before starting anything ensures that the person consciously agrees and believes that he is Allah’s creation. Whatever he is about to do; is in the hand of Allah. 

His ability to do this work and the success guarantee of it is held by ALLAH alone.

And if the bismillah is thus consciously applied it could restrain wrongful conduct. 

Since one in his right mind would not pronounce the name of Allah and then commit evil; in-decency, or wrongful acts. 

In addition to that, when a person reads the bismilah; the Name of Allah is invoked and due to Allah’s nobility, perfection, grandeur, and sanctity, the activity which follows is Divinely blessed, protected from evil, and thus sanctified.

Attributes of Bismilah

In Bismillah there are three names of Allah:

1: (The RABB)

which is His personal name indicating that all projects can only be initiated by the will and wish of Allah.

2: (Kind)

which is His attributive name indicating that only Allah.

can keep that project intact and existent (guarding it against destruction).

3: Most Merciful, 

which is also His attributive name. indicating that only Allah can. through His mercy and grace; enable any person to derive benefit from that project. 

So; This clearly proves that any project begun with Bismilah hir Rahmaan Nir Raheem will be granted barakah and blessings from the beginning till the end.

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