I said “I haven’t still understood what you said”.

He took a deep breath and replied me in  smooth tone “ My son tell me when did islam appear ? “

I said “ When prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) announced prophet hood “. “and when did muslims started raising in world ?” he said.

I said “ In regime of Umer Farooq (r.a), when he was caliph”.

He pondered “ Ok fine, now tell me , why was there no great materialistic, geographic, cultural ,soldierly  advance or raise, during time between announcement of prophecy of Mohammad (pbuh) and regime of Umer Farooq (r.a) ? Why were muslims and islam confined to island of Arab only till caliphat of Umer bin khattab? “.

He twisted my mind, I had no answer, so I kept quiet. He answered himself” Because my son ! at that time , they had only accepted islam , and prophet Mohammad (s.aw) was giving them training , polishing their muslim hood. As soon as their training of muslim hood completed, doors of success got opened on them. They reached climax of prosperity and success. And till the time they kept their sense of muslim hood intact , maintained justice and acquired knowledge , their sun shined over the world.

But the moment their muslim hood started weakening and they stopped following Islamic rules, their demotion started. Each step they were taking was backwards. And now the situation has gone so worse that mosques are full of people, having population as huge as 1.62 billion individuals in world , having two third of all natural resources, they are hiding faces from other countries. Today, there isn’t a single muslim state which is daring enough to take stand in front of west”.

He paused and took a deep breath, “And when in front of muslim states, those western non-muslim states accepted muslim hood, they gave formed their laws on Islamic rules, Islamic instructions became their social constitution. That is why they reached climax of success and power. They send their drones from distance of 800kms, which kill countless of innocent citizens and we cannot even dare to complain or protest . how they got this courage ? who gave them this power ? They earned it from muslim hood. If we glance at our selves critically, Muslims now have kalmah only, while west has adapted our Islam, and that is why they are much better than our muslim selves.”

I kept on listening quietly.

“My son , today if these non muslim countries start accepting Islam, believe me they would become many folds better Muslims than us, in not more than 10 days. They can get a much higher rank in sight of ALLAH subhana hu wa tala. Why ? because they already have all those habits which are requisite for a muslim. Where as , we despite of testifying monotheism by our Kalimah, we have none of the habit vital for satisfying definition of being Muslim. We don’t even sleep in Islamic etiquette , we have racism among Arabic and non Arabic  even in madinah . We have our medical surgeries done by Christian doctors. Even if we shoot any jew with a bullet, the bullet we fire is made by jews. Reason is the same, despite of denying islam, they have embraced muslim hood from every aspect.”

And then he silenced. I questioned,” So it means we can’t prosper ???”

He replied fast ,” No no , we can’t prosper until we embrace muslim hood. Until we don’t practice in real,all the golden rules of islam. My son, there are two ways to reach the truth of islam, either one says shahadah and then embraces muslim hood by acting on it, or one embraces muslim hood at first and then says shahadah any time later.

Fourteen hundred years back, we followed the first method. We people used to say shahadah and then started practicing islam in its real essence. But then we left our way when western countries started adapting the second method, embracing muslim hood first and then saying shahadah. Don’t you see ? they are just and fair in all sort of trade matters, they have adopted all etiquette of eating and cleanliness which were supposed to be adopted by us. After embracing muslim hood , now they are gradually moving towards formal acceptance of islam by saying shahadah. And the evidence is , more than 0.25million people are converting to islam each year. And we must admit that these reverts are much more better than us in righteousness (taqwa) and knowledge about islam.

 “knowledge is lost property of a believer

Just think, who hold this property now a days ? Oxford, Howard , Cambridge etc , Who are opening such institutes and universities ? those who search for this lost property of a muslim believer , like a believer should. They are not muslims by faith, but they struggled for and then held this lost property of a believer tightly. You can decide your self, whom should ALLAH bless ? those who did not cared about the possession of knowledge given to them by ALLAH, or those who cared and protected this asset ? Who implemented our divine rules and regulations as law on them selves, Or those who those who are spending their days and nights in disobeying ALLAH’s divine commandments?

My son ! be fair and just, and think deeply. Who deserves actual favor, blessings and bounties of ALLAH ? what do you think , who ??? “

He was demanding answer from me. And I had no answer, I was speechless…. I was speechless. Every thing was clear in front of me, now I knew why they were ahead us, despite of being non muslims , apparently they were receiving more worldly blessing than us being muslims. There is difference in embracing islam and muslim hood it self, both remain incomplete and useless without each other.

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