Quran Says Alot About Islamic Etiquettes:

Abdul-Rahman suddenly asked his son Muhammad Ali, “Do you know of some of the basic points of Islamic etiquettes which Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) recommended?” Muhammad Ali anxiously answered tell me please. His father answered that let us quote the Holy Quran:

“…And If You Enter Houses Salute Each Other—A Greeting Of Blessing And Purity From Allah.  Thus Does Allah Make Clear Signs To You: That You May Understand.” (Surah 24:  Ayah 61)

“Be Not Scornful Of Men, Nor Walk Proudly On Earth; Allah Does Not Love The Arrogant And The Vain.”(Surah 31:  Ayah 18)

“Invite All To the Way of Your Lord with Wisdom And Moral Preaching; And Argue With Them In Ways That Are Best And Gentle.” (Surah 16:  Ayah 125)

He also quoted many other hadiths and following are these;

“The Younger Person Ought To Salute The Older, And The One Walking Ought To Salute The Sitting, And The Smaller Group Ought To Salute The Larger.” (Bukhari)

 “He Is Not Quality Muslim Who Does Not Show Kindness To The Young Ones And Respect To The Older Ones.” (Tirmidhi)

“The Person Who Takes Back His Gift, Is Like Someone Who Swallows His Vomit.” (Bukhari)

Following Are The Other Hadith And Sayings Of The Imam’s

►“The Holy Prophet Never Spoke Ill Of A Meal; If He Liked It He Ate It; And If He Did Not Like It He Left It Untouched.”   Abu Hurairah

►“When Two Believers Meet And Shake Hands, Allah Will Place His Hand With Them, Favoring The One Who Loves His Brother The Most.”  (Imam Muhammad Al-Baaqir, book of Al-Usool from Al-Kaafi, Vol. 2, Page 179).

►It Is the Sunnah That a Man Should Accompany His Guest to the Door of the House.

►It Is Not Right For A Guest To Stay For So Long As To Cause Inconvenience To His Host.

Abdul-Rahman said that these are fine points that harmonize our behaviors.  After listening all these Muhammad Ali said that I will certainly apply them he said that it is obvious that it is for my own welfare.

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2 Responses to Islamic Etiquettes In The Light Of Quran And Sunnah

  1. Rabia kazi says:

    JazakAllah team. We really need reminders and shares. as we tend to forget. Moreover, we must intend to please Allah while we greet and follow the Quran ayahs, preachings of Holy Prophet PBUH. And make dua for all Muslim brothers and sisters for their efforts in reminding and sharing.

  2. Amna Farooq says:

    @rabia kazi
    wa iyyakum. indeed you are right sister. may ALLAH bless us all. keep visiting us.

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