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Vision WithOut Sight

by | Aug 26, 2013

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Today i came to meet my old teacher, who i am in debt for teaching me the greatest book of the world , Holy Quran. When i was a kid, i used to visit his home daily. Where that kind old man taught Quran to many of us children. It was will of ALLAH almighty. That he kept that gentle old man deprived of blessing of vision.

Blessings from Allah:

As ALLAH subhana hu wa tala never does injustice with any one. So as a compensate of blessing of vision , ALLAH subhana hu wa tala had made his other senses too much sharp and had blessed him with such a powerful voice which made him capture senses of the listener when he  recite Quran. Though he was blind by eyes, but he had enlightened heart. And He had sharp memory, as he had taught a number of children but he recognized every single child even being blind and old.

Habit of Blind Man:

I still remember, ustaadh used to distribute fruits among all children on friday at the end of our Quran lesson. So, Today when i was going to meet him, it was Friday. And when i reached there, ustaadh was distributing fruits among children. I said salaam to him and sat at side to wait for ustaadh getting free.Because There was a long Que of children in front of ustaadh. Each child after getting his fruit , left the Que. watching this from a distance. I noticed a little weak boy entering the line again, and getting the fruit for one more time.

This was some thing very strange for me, because it was impossible for any one to deceive ustaadh. while in these thoughts , that boy once again entered the line to get fruit one more time. Normally if any child tried to do the same thing, ustaadh used to pull his cheeks with love and tell him not to do this again. I was very naughty and sharp child , even i had not successful to trick him once. Well, in my heart i was a little bit happy to see , there is some one who is successful in tricking ustaadh.

Fruit is for Hard Workers:

After some time when every child got fruit and the show finished , i moved towards him to meet him.
“Assalam -o-alikum ustaadh ! where is my part ! I have not grown too old to get my fruit “.
That kind old man spread a smile on his wrinkled face and replied ” My dear son ! fruit is for those who strive for it , not for those who wait and watch sitting aside, those who amuse them selves by watching show sitting a side idle, usually go home bare handed like you ! “.
(He was indeed man of vision without sight!. my respectful teacher always spoke such arrangements of words, which make listener speechless !).

His Answer

I kept on walking with him as he was walking, may be today i had a plan to tease him a little.So, I said again while laughing ,” Any way my respected teacher ! today a little child succeeded to trick you, and you were unable to catch him”. “Oh ! that little weak child ” said ustadh,” that one having a bag in his hand, who was coming in line again and again to get fruit? “.

His answer amazed me and but me in doubt , is he really blind ? and can not see ? I replied ” yes ! i am talking about the same child”.
“No son ! he wasn’t deceiving me or tricking me. It was me who was being getting deceived. All other children had fruit from here , and their homes as well.So, They enjoyed all delights of life with their families. But the one poor child you are talking about ! He comes from the shacks behind. and unlike other children, he has hunger of his family in his mind. He takes fruit from here and gives them to his siblings and mother. And To tell you the truth my son ! now i am addicted to this state to ‘being tricked’ ! “.
I was amazed and inspired with this blind man even more who had vision without sight!.


He continued,” My dear son !  have you ever tried !. I must recommend you, get tricked by these needy people. So, get deceived in such way by these poor children. you will see, how your hardships and tensions get deceived by you and change their way. ALLAH will bless you from the ways you cant even imagine . So, You will notice peace and satisfaction in your life and light in your heart”.

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