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Tips For Marriage Ceremony

by | Jun 1, 2013

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One of the great blessings of Allah bestowed us is “companionship.” And the best example of companionship is the relation of husband and wife. And often both, the girl and boy are bound in this beautiful tie in an enjoyable and memorable ceremony (maybe not for others, but it is memorable for the bride and groom for sure). Nowadays, as weather is moderate and suitable in both warm and cold countries, often people prefer to have marriage ceremonies in these months of the year( it doesn’t mean marriages do not take place rest of the year 😀 ). So we can call somewhat “marriage season” is up. 

Marriage Is Not A Rat Race:

Marriage is not a competition to show off how much wealth we have. In most cases, people go into serious debt getting married, and this should ultimately be avoided. Celebrate within the means Allah has given you without being wasteful, and IN SHA ALLAH you would have a very memorable and pleasant ceremony.

Avoid Israaf:

One of the most important tips for marriage ceremony, which we often forget. We are often indulge in spending too much and wasting too much on weddings. I think, weddings are the occasions on which we waste food at the most. And not just food, thousands are spent on decor, which surely goes to dustbin the very next day! So brothers and sisters, avoid extravagance. No one would shoot you if you keep a menu of 4-5 dishes instead of 12 dishes.

Do not Forget The Poor:

Your marriage should not only be a gathering for your close family members, but also for the members of the community. Do not forget to invite the elderly that frequent the Masjid, as they are the truly blessed people whose presence you would like.

Avoid Sins :

Don’t indulge in sin at your wedding. Music should be replaced with a Nasheed. Try your best to segregate between the genders even if it means just putting them on opposite sides of the hall. The bride should not be drowning in so much make up that she is unable to make wudhu and pray. How you start of your marriage will effect how the marriage plays out.

Let It Be Joyfull:

Marriages are not good times to remind people about death or the hellfire. Rather any reminders that are given should be about practical advice on how to make marriages last, and a bit of humor would not hurt. There is a place and time for everything. If you are doing everything according to sharia, it doesn,t means there is no room for enjoyment. Its your day, make it as joyfull as you can, keeping in mind obedience of ALLAH subhana hu wa tala.

Some Acts For Couple:

1-   Feed each other.

2-   Pray together.

3-   Supplicate for each other.

4-   The left over food from the wedding share it with the poor.

5-   Read Quran together.

7-   Take some time off to travel and learn about each other.

6-   Read books together, particularly about the rights and roles of the spouses, and about the psychological differences between the genders.

From the narrated supplications for the bride and groom.

May the blessings of Allah be for you, and may the blessings of Allah be upon you, and may He unite you upon goodness.

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