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The King And The Boy

by | Jan 3, 2015

Once there was a king, and he had a court magician. As the court magician grew old, he requested the king that I had grown old to send me a boy to teach him magic.

 A Boy for Learning By The King

The king fulfilled his request and sent him a boy to learn magic. When the boy was on his journey, he met a monk to whom he listened and liked his speech very much.

The boy then meets the monk on his way to the magician. He used to spend time with him and stayed with him. When he arrives at the magician, the magician used to beat him because of this delay.

The boy told the whole story to the monk. And monk advised him that when he felt afraid of the magician, tell him that family members delayed him. When he felt afraid for his family, say that the magician delayed him.

 A Huge Beast:

One day when the boy was on his way there came a huge beast and blocked the way of the people. The boy thought that today I would know whether the magician or monk was better.

The boy picked up a stone and said to ALLAH, my dear ALLAH, let me know who is much dearer to you, whether the magician is dearer to you or the monk is dearer to you. Boy said to ALLAH that if a monk is dearer to you, then bring about death to this beast. So that people will be able to move freely through the path.

He threw a piece of stone at the beast and killed the beast, and people were now able to move freely through the path. The boy then approached the monk and told him the whole story. The monk said, “Dear boy, today you are much better and more superior to me. Today I can feel that now you have come to a stage where you will soon be put on a trial, and if you are to be put on a trial, then reveal nothing about me.

 Start Healing People:

The boy then began to heal people from all kinds of diseases. He even began to heal those born blind and the vitiligo stricken. During the courtier of a king had gone blind when he heard about the boy, he approached him with several types of precious gifts and said: all those gifts will be yours if you cure me.

The boy replied:

“I do not cure anyone. It is Allah the Exalted, Alone who cures. If you affirm your faith in Allah, I shall also supplicate to Allah to cure you.”

This courtier affirmed his faith in Allah, and Allah cured him. He returned to the king and sat by his side as he used to sit before.

The king asked him,

“Who restored your eyesight?”

His answer:

“My God.”

The king again asked:

“Do you have another lord besides me?”

He answered:

“My Lord, and your Lord is Allah.”

So the king continued asking him until he told him the whole situation and about the boy.

Skills of the boy:

The king then called the boy and asked him that. It conveyed to me that you have become so much skilled in your magic that you can even cure the blind and vitiligo stricken.

 Allah Cures everyone:

The boy answers that it is not me who cures anyone. It is Allah alone who cures. Then the king tried to torture him until he told him about the monk’s story. The king called the monk and asked him to leave his religion. But the boy refused to do. So, the king insisted on him placing a saw on the middle of his head and cutting him into two parts. The courtier approached him and asked him to leave his religion he again refused. Then they placed a saw in the middle of his head, and he was torn into two parts. The boy sent to him and asked him to leave his religion, but he refused.

The trust of the boy in Allah:

The king then ordered his people to take him to the top of the mountain. And make him climb up and ask him to leave his religion. If he still refuses, then kills him. So when they reached the mountain, the boy asked ALLAH to help him, then the mountain began to shake, and they all died. The boy returned to the king, and he asked what happened to your companions? He said:

“Allah has saved me from them.”

The king again ordered his people to take him to the sea, and when they reached the middle of the sea, ask him to leave his religion. If he did not do so, then throw him in the sea.

So the boy again asked ALLAH to help him, and the boat turned upside down. They all died except the boy. He again went back to the king. And he asked what happened to your companions. He replied that ALLAH saved me from them. The boy tells the king that you don’t do so until you gather all people in one place. Then hang me up to the trunk of a tree then take an arrow and say:

“In the Name of Allah, the Lord of the boy, then shoot me. If you do that, you will be able to kill Me.”

After Death of Boy:

The king gathers all the people and does what he is told to do, and the boy dies. The people then said:

“We believe in the Lord of this boy; we believe in the Lord of this boy.”

The king:

“Do you see what you were afraid of? By Allah, it has taken place. All people have believed.”

The king then commanded that trenches are dug, and fire lit in them. And said:

“He who would not turn back from his (the boy’s) religion. Throw him in the fire,” or “he would be ordered to jump into it.”

They did so till a woman came with her child. She felt hesitant about jumping into the fire. The child said to her: 

“O mother! Endure (this ordeal) for you are on the Right path.”


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