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Stop Acting Like An Islamic Scholar

by | Jan 31, 2015

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Imam Malik was one of the highest Islamic scholar in the history of Islam. One day a man who lived thousands of miles away went to visit him. In those times there were no Emirates or British Airlines. No 100 mph trains. This man journeyed for months to meet Imam Malik for one humblemotive. Hedesired to ask queries and study more about his deen.

He lastly arrived and requested the honored Imam 40 queries. And the Imam said “I don’t know” to 36 of them. He only replied 4 queries. 4 queries out of 40.

Likewise, one day Abu Bakr RA was requested a query about the Quran and he beautifully replied “Which sky will shelter me and which earth will hold me if I speak about a verse of the Qur’an without knowledge.”

The question is, are YOU an Islamic scholar in the true sense?

Yes you.

Islamic Tachings For An Islamic Scholar:

What Islamic teaching do you have? Are you skilled to interpret Hadiths? Have you studied 8 hours a day for 5 years to understand Quran in detail? What teachers have you studied under? How many students do you to teach? How many hours a week do you spend learning Islam?

If the responses to the above questions are typically in the negative then the answer to the first query is perhaps no.

So brothers and sisters, who are we?

Associated to such greats. And yet on Facebook, on Twitter, on email, in our homes, in our classrooms, in our debates, we declare Fatwas all day long. We say halal haram and we say haram halal. And we do it every day. We do it with comfort. The words slip out of our tongues like butter spreads on warm bread. We do it without affection. We’ve become specialists on Islamic fiqh.

Folks, we do it out of unawareness.

Sheikh Google is not areliable Imam. Maulana Twitter is not atrustworthy Imam. Mufti Facebook is not atrustworthy Imam.

Real fatwas are delivered by scholars who have spent years learning Islam and often they answer with the same humbleness as Imam Malik and Abu Bakr RA did.

So from today be alert. Be alert what you say. The angel on your left records all. Don’t keep him busy. Keep the angel on the right busier and learn how to just say

I don’t know.

Like the greats did.

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