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best female quran teacher

Rania Ebrahim

Professional Summary

Dedicated Quran teacher with a deep commitment to Islamic education, having memorized the Holy Quran at the age of 17. She possesses extensive knowledge in Tajweed rules, the Arabic language, Hadith, Tafseer, Quranic sciences, Aqidah, and Fiqh. Known for her thorough understanding and ability to convey complex concepts with clarity, she is passionate about fostering a profound appreciation of the Quran and Islamic principles among her students. Her expertise and compassionate teaching approach make her an invaluable guide for learners seeking to deepen their understanding of Islam.


  • Al-Azhar Institution for Girls (2006-2017)
  • Graduated from Al-Azhar University, Faculty of Languages and Simultaneous Interpretation, English Department, Class of 2021.
  • Studied Tajweed and Matn Tuhafat Al-Atfal
    Mastered the rulings of Tajweed and studied Matn Tuhafat Al-Atfal, a poem booklet containing the basic rules of Quranic recitation
  • Courses:

    • Preparing Quran Teachers for Non-Arabic Speakers, offered through Rowaq.
    • Communication and Presentation Skills Course, SYS (student activity).
  • Certificates:

    • TESOL: An online non-credit course authorized by Arizona State University and offered through Coursera.
    • Intel Learn Program: Authorized by the Egyptian Ministry of Education.

Teaching Experience

    • Quran Teacher at Al-Taneim Memorization House (2018)
    • English Teacher for Kids (2019)
    • Volunteer Teacher for Kids in LMF, 10th of Ramadan City (2019)
    • English Instructor in SYS Online English Course (Speak Up) (2020)
    • Conducted interviews, prepared lesson plans, and taught upper-intermediate level students.

Professional Skills

    Expertise in Quranic Studies Possesses profound knowledge in Quranic sciences, including memorization, Tajweed rules, Tafseer, and Fiqh, ensuring accurate and respectful teaching of the Quran.

    Language Proficiency Fluent in Arabic and English, with a strong background in the Arabic language and simultaneous interpretation, enhancing the ability to teach non-Arabic speaking students effectively.

    Teaching and Presentation Skills Demonstrates the ability to create engaging lesson plans, conduct interviews, and deliver lessons to diverse groups of students, from young children to advanced learners.

    Cultural Sensitivity Experienced in working with students from various cultural backgrounds, fostering an inclusive and respectful learning environment.

    Communication Skills Exhibits strong verbal and written communication skills, essential for teaching complex Islamic concepts clearly and effectively.

    Curriculum Development Skilled in developing and tailoring curricula to meet the needs of students, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all essential topics.

    Educational Technology Proficient in using online platforms and tools for teaching, enabling remote and flexible learning opportunities.

    Volunteer Experience Active involvement in community service and volunteer teaching, demonstrating a commitment to spreading Islamic knowledge and values.

    Professional Development Engages in continuous learning through courses and certifications, such as TESOL and specialized Quran teaching programs, to stay updated with the latest teaching methodologies and practices.