Quran has a solution for every problem. Alhamdolillah we are blessed to have these words of Allah.

Dua is an Arabic word meaning to ‘call out’ or to ‘summon’. It is a powerful means to be in contact with Allah. It is the best way to be in contact with Allah. Many people don’t know the Arabic dua’s that are written in the Quran to help us and Ask Allah for our daily matters and problems for help. So which dua’s can be better than those mentioned in the Quran? Let us tell you some dua supplication from the Holy Book.


Dua for Offspring

We see many couples in our relatives who are so disturbed for offspring because they are not having any children. Let us tell you a dua supplication mentioned in the Quran for this kind of problem for couples. This dua will be very helpful for married couples.

Dua # 1: 

Wonderful Originator of the heavens and the earth, and when He decrees an affair, He only says to it, Be, so there it is.
Sura Baqara – Ayah # 117.

Dua for Renewal of Faith

Faith a very sacred part of a Muslim’s life. Allah the Almighty has also told us the Duas for the renewal of our faith.
Dua # 2  

And there are some among them who say: Our Lord! grant us good in this world and good in the hereafter, and save us from the chastisement of the fire.
Sura Baqara – Ayah # 201.

Dua for Mercy and Removal of Difficulties and Problems:

The whole Surah E AlBaqara is a way of asking Allah for the removal of our difficulties. We can ask Allah for his forgiveness and asking Him for the right path.
Dua # 3

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
1.1: All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.
1.2: The Beneficent, the Merciful.
1.3: Master of the Day of Judgment.
1.4: Thee do we serve and Thee do we beseech for help.
1.5: Keep us on the right path.
1.6: The path of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed favors. Not (the path) of those upon whom Thy wrath is brought down, nor of those who go astray.
Sura Fateha – Complete.

Dua for Wealth and Prosperity

Allah has also told us the duas to ask for prosperity and wealth in our life.


Dua # 4

And do not believe but in him who follows your religion. Say: Surely the (true) guidance is the guidance of Allah — that one may be given (by Him) the like of what you were given, or they would contend with you by an argument before your Lord. Say: Surely grace is in the hand of Allah, He gives it to whom He pleases, and Allah is Ample giving, Knowing.
3.74: He specially chooses for His mercy whom He pleases, and Allah is the Lord of mighty grace.

Sura Ale-Imran (3) – Ayat 73 & 74

Dua for knowledge

Though this dua is very small it is very powerful for the increase in knowledge. Allah The Almighty also advised the Prophet (SAW) for reciting this Dua.

Dua # 5

“Rabbi Zid-Nee ‘iL-Maa”
My Lord, increase me in Knowledge.

Dua for Sorrows and sufferings and their solutions

When God forbid you are sorrow and suffered or you are asking Allah to keep you away from suffering, this dua can prove to be very powerful.

Dua # 6

La ila ha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minazzalimeen
And Yunus, when he went away in wrath, so he thought that We would not straiten him, so he called out among afflictions: There is no god but Thou, glory be to Thee; surely I am of those who make themselves to suffer loss.
( Al-Anbiya (21): vs. 87)

Apart from these Duas Quran tells us many more duas. You should memorize and learn these Quranic Duas to make them a part of your life.
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  1. Asma says:

    I love wid a pers0n infact we l0ve one another badly he has s0me finanical pr0blms we want to marry as s0on as possible plz let me s0me wird so that i can get him in my life.


    Way out of anxiety and empty handness

  3. Behishta says:

    it is a very good side may Allah help you to post lots of Islamic things I face with a very big problem please pray for me that Allah solve it please

  4. AsmaArshad says:

    May Allah bless you with ease and comfort in every matter of your life. Ameen! 🙂

  5. anonymous says:

    mashallah! 😀

  6. k.M.seyed ibrahim says:

    Assalamu alaikum

  7. Amna Farooq says:

    wa alikum salaam. 🙂

  8. Sidra Kaukab says:

    Jazak Allah 🙂

  9. zahid says:

    allah is always with us

  10. Sidra Kaukab says:

    indeed Zahid 🙂
    Keep visiting us. and subscribe to our mailing list 🙂

  11. Shafinaz Quasem says:

    Is this a muslim web site? I have a problem in my marriage and I am trying to solve this problem by myself but is hard. I would like to know is there any dua to resolve my problem.

  12. Fareeda Syed says:

    Allahu Akbar

    I have a problem in my marriage and I want to know is there any dua to resolve my problem……

  13. Fathima says:

    Assalamu alaikum varahmathullahi vabarakathuhu.

    I have an unresolvable problem which i am facing since 6 years. Can you please send me the dua. Im very much depressed.

  14. Amna Farooq says:

    wa alikum salaam wa rehmatullah wa barakatuhu…
    sister, as you havn’t mentioned a particular problem, the best procedure to make any of your duas highly acceptable in court of ALLAH is to MAKE DUA AT TAHAJJUD.
    if problem is chronic, it needs special treatment off course 🙂 wake up at mid night, pour your heart to ALLAH, HE listens closely after mid night. He likes to hear from you again and again, so make dua again and again. Be careful, FAITH is the key ingredient in making dua. when you pray, pray with full confidence that your dua will be answered IN SHA ALLAH.
    keep visiting our website 🙂

  15. Fathima says:

    Thanks for the reply & concern brother.
    Its regarding my marriage. I am in love with a person and we are struggling for more than 6 years. I cried a lot. Everyday i wake up with tears & sleep with tears. Everyday we both are struggling at our home. Everyday im seeking allah and make dua. Hope Allah will not leave us. So can you please send the dua to create mercy in our parents heart.

  16. Amna Farooq says:

    a very sincere advice ! NEVER EVER dare to introdce even a bit of haraam in your relationship. Loving a person and intention of marriage is not haraam. But if one in indulged in some sort of activity which is disliked by ALLAH subhana hu wa tala ( which eventually 99% of people do, now im not talking about Zina, there are lots of minor haraam stages one covers before committing such a great sin) How can we expect ALLAH to listen our Duas !!! KEEP IT HALAAL ! AVOID any sort of act which you even doubt about that ALLAH would dislike !
    And yes, go for tahajjud ! instead of crying for him, or crying for silly reasons, cry for ALLAH. your tears must flow only in front of ALLAH !
    may ALLAH accept your duas. ameen.
    keep visiting our website!

  17. Fathima says:

    Assalamu alaikum varahmathullahi vabarakathuhu.

    Thank you very much for the concerned advice. Thanks for suggesting to go in the right path. Thanks for spending your valuable time for my sake.
    Insha allah i will pray thahajjudh and i ll cry for Allah & make dua.
    Kindly make dua for us.
    Hope Allah will accept our dua.

  18. Fedila says:

    Aselamu Aleykum
    please make dua for me. I applied for a job where my son lives so i can get it. I was interviewed ob Tuesday they said i should her from them nxt week. My son ani are apart because of job situation. I raised him as a single mom he is everything in the world to me he is Allah’s gift to me. I cant stand a day without him and I want to be close..insha Allah

  19. Amna Farooq says:

    may ALLAH bless you and your son both! ameen
    keep visiting us sister!

  20. Muhammad zayyad says:

    As salamu alaikum waramatullahi wa barkatuhu

  21. S.A.Khan. says:

    Assalaam alaikum We rahmathullah hi Wa barkatahu !

    I am from a Middle-class Family, Alhamdulillah, by the Grace of Allah Talla Jalle Jallahu , what ever iam earning is enough to maintain my Family. (House Rent, daily Expenses, Health exp). But I feel Very Very Hardship for my Chilrens Education. I don’t want to interupt their education. So please humbly request for any person who can help me at this Situation , will get Sawaab e Jariyah. But not as a Zakkath,. Because it’s “poors Huq”.
    As a help , if they Can do this Help. Really a Very Very great help for my Children’s Educaton.( I have lot of thing’s to Say, but i dont want to disturbed U.)Try it sir. Expecting positive reply….

    Allah Haffiz.

  22. Amna Farooq says:

    its good to hear that you are concerned about good education of your children.
    Do look into the scholarships government is applying at various levels of education.
    Best of luck. keep visiting our website.

  23. abrar ahmad says:

    assalamo alaikum, i m in great problem right now,i have been applying my visa from he last four years and every time i get refuse,is there any robust dua to solve my all problems,thanks

  24. abrar ahmad says:

    assALAMO alaikum, i have been facing a robust obstacle in getting my visa from the last four year and i have lost my all hopes from them,is there any dua to solve my all my problem.thanks

  25. Bisma says:

    I am only a 12 year old Muslim girl with a 10 year old sister. In 2016 everything started to tumble. The company where my father works has been bought by a much bigger company. He is afraid he will lose his only job. Along with that, he is getting weaker. Doctors keep saying nothing is wrong, yet they keep doing tests. My mother is praying slot for him. A while back she was told by my cousin that he had some problems, and he read a ayah while praying to fix it. My mom just tried it. But I was hoping I could find some more online, so if anyone has a ayah, please name any that help with financial problems, depression,and sickness. I will ask my mom to try these.

  26. Amna Farooq says:

    thats sad to hear dear. may ALLAH bless you and your family and ease your difficulties.

  27. Abrar Ahmed says:

    Assalamualaikum warahmathullahi wabarakatuhu

    I am in a big trouble that i have made a trade from south africa some goods but that goods did not came to us and we have paid all money to him that south africa person saying i have to clear some amount to shipment thats y they have holded the goods in kenya my boss is blaming me as i have to pay the whole money but it is a big one 60000 riyal if i agree to pay i have to be stuck here for 5 – 6 years that i dont wanted to so please is there any dua that solves this problem imediately and take me out of it please pray for me today its my judgement day also please pray that south africa person meets our person who is going to visit him in there in his office and clear all the daubts please pray for me …
    i have full faith on my allah he will surely help me pray for me please

  28. Amna Farooq says:

    @abrar ahmed
    wa alikum salam .. it was really sad to hear your story. we pray that you may find a good way out of this trouble.

  29. Sk says:

    Please share a dua to bring a husband back to his wife, to be loyal, & love, respect his wife.
    My friend is desperate and i dont know how to help

  30. Ayesha says:

    السلام عليكم
    My son is 11year old but still does bed wetting. Pl help advice a solution for this problem

  31. Amna Farooq says:

    sister, im not sure about any particular dua. but what i can suggest is to avoid liquid in take at least 2 hours before bed time. try to wake up your son once or twice in middle of night to use bath room. there are medicines available too for this issue.
    we are offering free 3 days trial of Quran classes, visit this link please -> https://alquranclasses.com/registration/?ap_id=af

  32. Umera Mehmood says:

    Wa Alikum Aslam waramatullahi wa barkatuhu

  33. zaffar saddique says:

    Assalamualaikkum as far I had applied for a job in Kuwait as long as for 2 years the consultancy completed medical test saying problem in embassy and waiting for visa saying problem there how to know that the consultancy is saying true or not whether he will send me to Kuwait or not because due to family problem i paid them 70 thousand and i got 20 thousand saying them family problem they given me and the consultancy manager name is NAZAR and my name is zaffar saddique from my class hood to married life only worries there some happiness

  34. Amna Farooq says:

    wa alikum salam
    May Allah ease your difficulties. Ameen.
    Keep visiting us.

    register for our free 3 days trial Quran class on this link :

  35. AsmaArshad says:

    waalikum salaam Sister. May Allah ease your difficulties. You can beat your depression and anxiety by Dhikr of Allah. Read this article to remove your depression.

  36. Jawed says:

    Dua is worship, Dua is heart of every worship
    Very nice and helpful post, Jazzak Allah

  37. ahmed says:

    Quran is a source of guidance, and solution of all the problems

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