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Medical Benefits of Taraweeh Prayers

by | Jul 8, 2013

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During the month of Ramadan, additional prayers are performed after Ishaa prayers, called Taraweeh Prayers. which vary from 8 unit to 20 unit with a few minutes break after every 4 unit for chanting and extolling the Majesty of Allah. Just before the Iftar (breaking of fast) meals, the blood glucose and insulin levels are at their lowest level. After Iftar the blood glucose level continues to rise from the food ingested. The blood sugar reaches high levels in an hour or two and the benefits of Taraweeh Prayers come into effect.

Benefits of Taraweeh Prayer

Hence the Taraweeh Prayers help in expending the extra calories .and improve flexibility, coordination, reduce stress-related responses in healthy persons, and relieve anxiety and depression.

Physical and Emotional Well-Being

The gentle exercises perform in Taraweeh Prayers improve physical fitness.Emotional well-being and increase the longevity of the Namazi (one who performs the Salat). The five daily prayers (Salat) produce the same physiological changes without any undesirable side effect.Those who fast and perform the Taraweeh Prayers report feeling much robust.

The Elderly

As human beings grow older, their physiological activity diminishes, as a result their bones become thinner and if not taken care of will suffer from osteoporosis which causes the fractures of the bones when they fall in the elderly due to a loss of bone mineral content. Because of repeated and regular movements of the body during Salat the muscle strength, tendon power, joint flexibility  are improve. Hence Salat and Taraweeh Prayers enable the elderly to enrich the quality of life and to meet with unforeseen difficulties such as falls which could injure their bodies. Therefore Taraweeh Prayers will improve their endurance, self-respect and self-confidence in being self-reliant.

Effects on Skeletal Muscle

During the Salat and Taraweeh, every muscle in the body contracts isometrically and others isometrically. Because this gentle exercise also enhances and diminishes tiredness.After age 40, the bone mineral density falls with age. Taraweeh Prayers increase bone mineral density in both menopausal and in elderly women and prevents osteoporosis and maintains normalcy in bone structures. Also The prayers improve lubrication of joints, movement, and maintain flexibility.

Metabolic Effects

Salat improves body weight control and expend calories without proportionate increase in appetite. A combination of moderate dietary restriction, both at the Iftar and Sahur (early morning breakfast before the start of fast) meals, accompanied by the Taraweeh Prayers, should achieve weight reduction.

Mental Health

It is a common fact that exercise improves mood, thought and behavior. Exercise improves the quality of life, induces greater sense of well-being and energy. It reduces anxiety and depression, influences mood favorably and contributes to self-esteem and an aura of confidence; improves memory in the elderly especially with constant repetition of the Ayaat (verses) from the Glorious Qur’an and other Ayaat which exalt His Glory. So, This constant repetition of the Quranic Verses would help to screen the mind from the incoming thoughts.

Taraweeh Prayer which is an ideal condition for “relaxation response.” It combines repeated muscular activity with repetition of Salat, chanting of words of glorification of Allah and of supplications. The Taraweeh Prayer puts the mind in a relaxed state.


Islam is the only Religion where physical movements of Salat and Taraweeh Prayers are combined with spiritual exercise. When Salat and Taraweeh Prayers are practiced throughout a person’s life. Recurring every few hours or so, trains a person to undertake the difficult task of meditation during Salat and Taraweeh Prayers. So that the Namazi (one who performs the Salat) benefits both from spiritual as well as physical exercise.

The following benefits have been noted among those who perform the Taraweeh Prayers:

  • Burning off calories and losing weight.
  • Maintaining muscle tone and body composition, joint flexibility.
  • Increasing metabolic rate.
  • Improving heart and lung function and aerobic capacity, decreasing

heart disease risk profile.

  • Increasing your sense of self-control, reducing your level of stress.
  • increasing your ability to concentrate.
  • Improving your appearance.
  • Reducing depression and resistance to depression.
  • Helping you sleep better.
  • Suppressing your appetite.

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