Extravagance / Israaf ; Islamic Ruling (part2)

by | Dec 24, 2013

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Condemning Extravagance & encouraging Moderation

A classic Example in Islam

Today Iam just gonna tell you a story that help you understand the concept of Israaf / Extravagance. and how to avoid it in a better way and would Insha’a Allah guide you to the right most path dodging the sin of Israaf/ Extravagance.

The story is about Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) , The first caliph of Islam. Hazrat Abu Bakr before he bestowed with the rank of a caliph.He was a merchant and trade fine cloths. As soon as he was made the caliph , the companions of holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) unanimously declared that Abu Bakr should not continue with his trade  (for the fear that people may think he gets some extra privileges in trade due to his rank). instead he would be give his monthly wages from Bait-ul-Maal (the treasury of the state) and his wages were fixed equal to an average laborer’s daily wage in the state of madina. So he had then to give up his old life style and adjust his living like that of a labor.

Hazrat Abu Bakr Wife:

It happened once that Hazrat Abu-Bakr was having meal at his home after finishing the meal , he felt an urge for something sweet to eat. So he asked his wife if there was something sweet at home. His wife replied in the negative telling him that whatever the Bait-ul-maal sends them for eating never contains anything lavish and hence they don’t have any sweet thing to eat. He Thanked Allah for the meal and stayed silent to this. A week later his wife brought a bowl full of home made sweet for him to eat after his dinner. this surprised Abu Bakr and he asked his wife how did she manage to find something sweet for him to eat? his wife told him how she saved a handful of flour from their daily provisions everyday for a week and then traded it for some date syrup to make the sweet. Abu Bakr smiled at this and thanked his wife. Immediately afterwards however Abu Bakr went to Bait-ul-Maal and told them to reduce a handful of flour everyday from their daily provisions, claiming that a week’s experience has led him to the conclusion that the can survive with lesser quantity of flour.
Subhaan Allah!!!!!!!

what an inspiration… Isn’t it?
Now let us all just close our eyes for a second and think what would we have done if we were in his place???
Be honest.
Well if it were me I might have asked for a handful more of flour in my provisions everyday so that I could get to eat some sweet at least twice a week. :/

Sad but true 🙁


  1.  Before you are about to spend anything (anything at all ; be it money , water , food , clothing , shoes or even words ) just give yourself a sec. and THINK!!!! yes Think and Think again!!!! and then remind yourself of how Caliph Abu Bakr condemned extravagance through his act (Even when he was the supreme most power of the biggest Islamic state) and then think what little effort you can put to TRY and find any place near to him in Jannah?? 🙂
  2. Keep reminding yourself about how extravagance is harmful to us , others around us and society as a whole. for example:

extravagant use of money by us

  • might put (those who are less fortunate in monetary terms than us) in to certain complexes.
  • Their might force others to acquire money from illegal and corrupt means.
  • create jealousy in other’s hearts.
  •  Can be even become the reason for some people to be unhappy with their lives.

See how our one careless act could cause so many social evils. 🙁

Do you remember the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet PBUH who never used to eat fruits and throw its peels out in the open  for the fear that some one less fortunate might see them and feel bad for not having those to eat.

Islam is all set to condemn extravagance all we need is to ponder.

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