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Dua; A Powerful Tool:

by | Feb 7, 2014

Assalam O Alaikum!! Today I am gonna share with you a story that I read on the internet and that really inspired me. It is about powerful tool dua. So i thought why not share it with you? 馃檪

There’s this sister who told her story. I am gonna re write it here. 馃檪

Powerfull Tool Dua:

I am a Saudi National living in Africa. And I am a Muslim.I do pray my Salah five times a day. But Dua? Dua is powerful tool. Dua is something that I did believe in as a Muslim but found it difficult to really have faith in it. For me Making dua was like reciting the few verses in Arabic. I had not learnt by heart with really meaning it. nor feeling it , nor expecting them to be fulfilled. And well I would often even skip it.
It was the month of Ramadan 2 years ago when in the second ashra of ramadan. I got an email from a mailing list accentuating the need and power of dua. He urged the readers to take full advantage of the last Ashra of Ramadan. And pour their hearts out in prayers and keep faith in Him. The mailer had told his own story of how he started believing in making Dua in front聽of Allah SWT. And how HE the Exalted started listening to his prayers. And how he was able to feel that special connection with HIM.

Use Powerful Tool To Ask From Allah:

This really did inspire me a lot. That Ramadan I went to a mosque every night during the last Ashrah and prayed and cried and poured my heart out in Sujood. I really felt that spark of love between myself and Allah for the very first time in my life. And it was wonderful. for the first time I felt He was there listening to me looking at me. I made so many duas that ramdhan and Alhumdulillah most of them聽 were granted. 馃檪 this really encouraged me and put me into the habit of asking Him for everything.

Powerful Tool of Dua:

It was later that year that I learnt that there was some Hajj package offered by the Saudi Govt. That made me all excited and I decided to apply for it asap. So I called in and found that too many people have applied already so I applied too. I started Praying for the papers to be approved. I asked one of my close friends to pray for me as well. It was at the end of that month that I got聽 to hear the news of rejection of my papers and my heart sank. 馃檨

The authorities however told me to keep praying and believe. And I did pray a lot but my hope was cut dead. when the last flight of Hujjaj flew off from Africa to Makkah and i was left behind. Hopeless I stopped praying for it and told my close friend too the sad news. that I wasn’t to go on hajj after all. 馃檨 She however insisted that I keep praying as dua is powerful tool to which I shrugged. It was just after 2 days that I got a call from Saudi Embassy telling me to pack my bags and get ready to go for Hajj.

I literally was baffled I didn’t know what to say and how to Thank Allah. I went to Sujood then and there tears gushing out of my eyes. And I couldn’t help but Thank HIM for listening to my Prayers and for giving me what i wished the most for. Till date I am surprised and unsure about how it happened. But one thing I know for sure is that Allah listens to us. and Dua are our most powerful tool. <3 Never stop making dua and never stopping believing in your dua. Dua(powerful tool) does have the power to change everything.

Thank You My Dear Allah. 馃檪

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